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Which do you prefer? Small servers or large servers?

Which do you prefer? Large servers or small servers?  

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  1. 1. Which do you prefer? Large servers or small servers?

    • Small 2-15
    • Large 16+

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The initial release of 0.4 will include one map for GTA3, and then subsequent releases will support the other maps. Presumably this is a time-saving mechanism to avoid having to wait an extra 6 months or so for 0.4.

I know that about gta3:mta. But will mtavc also support seperate islands like in gta:mta04 will be? So the server can select 1 island, so that al the players will play in 1 map. So the population will be bigger. Because vicecity is to big for the max players mta can handle.

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in most online games (tribes2 mta...) i prefer less populated servers

i used to play mta with max of 8 players coz it gets pretty laggy with more

and in tribes 2 its just too hectic lag isnt an issue there but in ctf ppl just chain around like n00bs and in lakrabbit (manhunt mode) they just run like hell instead of trying to score with shooting :?

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I obviously prefer the smaller servers (usually 12 players or less), because my ping begins to spike and my FPS drops in larger servers, especially during spawn wars. Oh... the joys of a 56k connection. :x

Larger servers mostly consist of huge spawn wars anyway, which can get repetitive (especially for me because half of my shots never even register). At least in the smaller servers the spawn wars are less intense, but from what I've seen, a lot organized gameplay usually happens there if you're playing with cooperative people, which can be more fun at times.

Larger servers = laggy and lots of spawn wars.

Smaller servers = not as laggy and mainly organized gameplay.


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Heh, if every1 had to go through a week with nothing but dialup it'd change a lot in the way they think of lag, high pingers and the like. Very few ppl think before they whine these days.

Anyway, if you asked me what the best serv setup of all time was, I'd probly say the 12 player official back in the day. Not too few players and not a sea of them either. In the majority of servs, most of the time a good 10% of the connected players will be idling or gone, so it's just a waste of BW maintaining the connections. And like zirc said, it makes matters far worse for ppl with slower cons. 24 sounds like "loadsa fun" usually, but it rarely lives up to the hype thinks me.

IMO MTA isn't ready to handle 18+ players with acceptably high performance all around yet. Ppl are gonna lag it, serv's lag spikes will be more frequent and so will be the crash ripples especially during spawn wars. You'll hear ppl yellin "fokn crash" one after another before the bitchin starts and that's never a joyful moment. Especially if it's with a crowd foreign to this community, to which you have to reiterate that it's a gaddamn beta and not some game they laid down 29,95 to get.

Naturally things might change with alterations to the netcode and the serv SW, but for the time being, IMO 16 should be considered a practical upper limit.

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I voted for large servers, cause its always fun to have more ppl!

Besides we need more mta fans, cause right now there'r not so many of them online, most of my friends left mta cause they got bored, i hope with mta0.4 we would get a lot of fun and better multiplayer for the next few months :roll:

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