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  1. I think it would be great to have web stat(like old dusty stat for 0.2/0.3) for future mta releases. One thing that I know for sure, as server admin, a lot of people play a lot more to improve their scores, everybody wanna be the 1st one...and its fun just to see who is who among the players(big killer or big loser)
  2. exactly...and if u wanna make a crash/bug free mp for a single player game...cough...u need a lot of time/effort...so far I'm more curious to see how first "blue build" MTASA(RaceMod) gonna look like...and then we will see how fast progress will go...for sure time is a slow killing machine for every game, SA included...but mta team made their decision - quality comes first...
  3. a lot of things was said about this mod, but for me, as admin of few russian mta servers, would be really intresting to hear about anti-cheat protection ...
  4. heh, looks like that chance to see dm for sa this year is around 0%...sad, very sad...but what can you do, dream is far far away...
  5. thanks for update kent ....I hope that feauture is gonna be something really cool
  6. Dude forget about mta:vc for now, let them finish their job, they know what they are doing. co-op is being developed by sa-mp team for little bot loving killers like u, mta team was and i hope will be developing real multiplayer for GTA games - DeathMatch
  7. what else can i say?....respect ChrML
  8. looks like vc:mp release "heat up" this community a little bit...i mean waiting for blue made some ppl really mad, but thats not a reason to come here and show disrespect to team and mod that they are developing for u....first of all, 4 u...sure mta team wasnt perfect with their releases, but they did some good job and deserve some respect for that...dont need to come here and act like 12 year old punks...wtf...chill out...i know how hard its to wait for a new version of mta...but patience is first of all....anyway i hope mta team won't be dissapointed because of few punks, and releasing race mod first is a good idea...so take your time and dont pay attention to all that haters and other dumb kids posting their crap here. *Respect 4 hard work*
  9. blah...its really sad to watch how things with "new generation" of gta multiplayer are moving so far(sa-mp & mta:blue(sa)), I know its not easy job to do, but at least try to keep your community more informed about whats going on....I'm very suprised with gtat team, i mean not with their gtat:SA releases, but with how they keep their community informed, all that news update, DevBlog, they'r doing good job, at least now i started to check their webpage every day, cause I'm really interested to see how's progress going with their mod. It's a good thing that progress bars were removed since they didn't make much sense, but believe me it's not a good thing just to "hang out" around this website&forum and dont really have a good idea about whats coming up . For example mta0.5.5....I remember the last days of May when we had last tournament on gta.ru servers, all of my team members, guys from our gta.ru community, we all like little kids believed that one more week, a little more time and we'll see new version....but one day i read on the forum that "mta0.5.5 isn't coming out", im translating that on community website, post some news about it and we all realize that it all was just like a some kind of dream. My point is that for the last two months all I see its "dead" russian community, biggest russian mta server, which was in top 3 in the world few months ago is almost empty 24/7. I'm not trying to blame u guys, but I think you need to communicate more with your community. Mta0.5 its a good multiplayer, but if u would let DeathB or other mta vets to test it for a few days before release we would never see those big, terrible bugs with armor and run'n'fire in 0.5. It's not a secret that many times experienced players would post a really good suggestion about how really make mta better but when new release comes out it looks like mta team didnt pay big attention to whats being said. I mean if u guys cant fix its a not big tragedy, just post somewhere "we are sorry guys but because of old core we cant fix armor glitch and run'n'fire, but thanks for your suggestion we will keep it in mind till next mta release" One more time no offence guys, I still think that u r doing really good job, I appreciate your effort and time that u r putting in this mod .......just do your best and remember that there are some hardcore mta fans who will always believe in u , good luck guys!
  10. 0.5.5 why? I've been in Russian MTA community for a long long time(more than 1.5 year) and its slowly became dead after 0.5, if there was some little movement few months ago, it's now almost dead, which is sad, very sad. Besides Im admin of gta.ru MTA server, which was #3 popular server in the world few months ago, now its slowly gonna leave first 10, which just proves my point above about "dead community" ps anyway if mta team needs a lot of time to finish up MTA0.5.5 u better leave it and finish "blue", if it can be done in a week or two, u better do it and make some ppl happy One more time thanks for your great work!
  11. its better than nothing....and its a good thing to kill some time while waiting 4 shooting sync' and other features
  12. I was wondering about that too for some time and today on irc channel one of the team members said "i think youll see the first mta built on blue before u see 0.5.5"....not really good news, but we all saw from last mta release that old core isnt smth that can make us happy, so lets just wait for a new core, for new release and for more fun that we gonna get ps anyway it would be great to get little patch for 0.5 that would fix those two major glitches, i mean run'n'fire and armor glitches, thank u.
  13. video can be great example of progress but if u dont wanna waste your time on it, its fine...just post once a while some news update when u find few free minutes in your life Bump, thank u very much!
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