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  1. funny thing is that in the teaser in the first shot you see mtavc.com and the last one multitheftauto.com. just choose one of the domeins people. i still prefer multitheftauto.com anyweeee... this core also for gta3? O sorry, i already know the answer. "We cant say"
  2. and after you win your pc crash and the 5000$ is gone... Happend me a lot. would be nice if the information how much money you have would sit in the MTA client and not GTA3.
  3. and what about less money if you win if there are less other racers? you always get 5000, why not (for example) 2000 when you race against 1 player? btw I think you must always finish the race before you win and get money.
  4. maybe thats is because your have lag in gta3. if your computer lag, the time will tik slower on your computer, but not on other players computers. and mta only sync the time when you enter a game or when the admin sync it. Maybe its a idea that the server must sync the time every 10 sec or even 5 sec. btw only the start/begin of MTA Turismo is sync by the time (14:00). So if the admin will set the time (when it is on 14:23) to 12:00, MTA Turismo will still continu. Not a water-proof system...
  5. the MTA Turismo is sync with the time. it starts on 14:00 and you may race if the 4 spots are closed or if it is 15:00 + 3 sec. And for a honestly game (when there are less then 4 racers/players) the time must be exactly the same. But if you are playing mta ingame and then ALT+TAB go to admin and set time (for example 12:00). It only sets the time of the other computers on the network (so not the one where you are and not in the game but in the admin). The time by your gtagame will be set when you come back in the game. (Gta will then set your time 12:00) if you are slow with coming back to gta then the time differents will be big. so if you are doing 10 seconds after setting the time before you come back to gta. Then the other players have for example 12:15 and you 12:05. AND then the other players can start 10 seconds earlier.
  6. im am also fan of mafia. And i thought there was a next release coming. In the meantime they ported mafia to xbox and ps2 they started with 'mafia 2'. But there isn't much information about that.
  7. with MTAMA you can find it in a other section on this forum Add-ons: http://forum.mtavc.com/viewforum.php?f=30&sid=bb42feee43182797aa7533cc7d227627 You can find there infrormation how to do it al.
  8. If people can or can't wait, the MTA-team doesnt care about that
  9. Well theres 1 thing sure on this forum. They dont let you typ more information then the MTA-team gives... Sorry guys I cant tell, well i did try but it was deleted.
  10. Yeh Yeh the bar has bin updated! I'm surf every day to mtavc.com to check the process bar and the forum. And after a lot of weeks maby months, theres a new update. Only the Bar for MTA 0.4 has moved. Before: 80% Now: 90% It is just a indication, so dont think to much of it. So will we soon be able te play MTA 0.4? I cant wait until I can play MTA for GTA3. Process Bar UPDATE (1) http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=7655
  11. I know that about gta3:mta. But will mtavc also support seperate islands like in gta:mta04 will be? So the server can select 1 island, so that al the players will play in 1 map. So the population will be bigger. Because vicecity is to big for the max players mta can handle.
  12. vicecity is to big for less then 15 people. MTA will then need to support seperate islands (like in gta3:mta). btw Is MTA planing this for MTA0.4 in mtavc? So the hole map or only 1 (of the 2) island.
  13. well there are some people... lol
  14. The dutch PCGameplay was the first that wrote about MTA or am I not right? (I read PCGameplay every month and now waiting for SummerSpecial )
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