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what we consider spam is well, what the ops consider spam =) j/k

no short posts with things like lol, or a smily, no posts with just smilies in them.

Keep flaming to a minimum/not at all, you can have a laugh at someone, just dont go too far

Keep comments constructive, we have the BLAST forum for spamming in =)

No asking how does this work/how can i get this to run, will someone play with me, or when is 0.3a going to be released questions - i lock them on sight =)

Anything I missed ops?

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I think you got it all

oh and other stuff that has nothing to do with the thread at all, just basicly read half of mousepads post, and youll get it things like

"wow, that is so cool! I need to try that" I find go underspam,a dn sfrom now on, im not hesitate to delete those post.

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