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  1. The NOS sounds kinda gay. Im really anti-nos. But other then that.. sounds fun.
  2. Hello everyone... Just saying hi. I havent been here forever!!! im going to start coming back i guess.
  3. I think its a good idea but most people might not do that..
  4. yup. Vogel is right. You should be able to drive like 1/2 the speed becuase if i couldnet drive it would get really boring and that would suck. Maybe you should make it so that the VIP can only be driven by the bodyguards at 1/2 the speed of the car. Also i thiink that the VIP should be holding hte suitcase and to make him special i think that he should be able to smack people with the suitcase. Kind of like punching but just make it a little stronger or something.
  5. Blokker and Bill are right people would leave and get bored. They shoulden't release 04 or tell people when its going to come out before its debugged i think.
  6. OH ... ok ..... Im going go now.. i know im not.. welcome.. thanks for explaining....
  7. Mousepad

    IRC Help.

    wait wait wait.. i thought i saw an IRC for DUMMYS on one of the little fourm thingys... i think it was this one?? i dunno.
  8. Are you going to wait till everything is debugged or just leave right after you finish typing all the code up???? I LOVE YOU HEADFONEZ!!!!!! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!
  9. WOW. I find this very confusing.. actually i dont but whatever. I think that it would be really cool with the old idea where you have the bubble and then when you touch somebody else's bubble it syncs it. BUT it would be reallly laggy once you get in somebodys bubble woulden't it??
  10. I think he means cant we all just get along. and He said he has a lisp and really chill on ppl?
  11. NICE Neutralizer.... How do u make video's anyway?????
  12. Oh sweet ! I nver heard of this yet. Sounds really, really cool!!
  13. eehRgh?? i just said i wasn't.. read above ^.
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