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  1. lol heh Mr Bill i watched it. This was someone else driving the car right? (am i correct when i say i didnt see a driver in the car but it was moving? mebbe i should watch it again). and choppy...was that just the way you took the vid or is that how the .2 is running at the moment? grrrr i keep saying im not gonna try this out until like .5 but i getting bugged by the gf to do it gf: "lets try it out" me: "no its still almost pre-alpha" gf: "so, i want to kick your ass like i do at Mortal Kombat and Dead or Alive" me: "button mashing wont help you here sister" gf: "then ill just get a rocket launcher and blow you up anytime i see your stupid ass" me: (starts crying) "you never let me win!"
  2. i think my main question is: if they made GTA3 with mp code, but never enabled it, did they leave it in VC? If they never used it in GTA3, wouldnt they decide "well hell, heres 100,000 lines of code for mp, and we never used it before, why not just remove it and add 100,000 lines of gfx, physics, etc code?" example: Unreal Warfare engine (which powers UT2k3, Unreal II, RavenShield, America's Army, etc) has mp network code built into it. but The Unreal II dev team completely removed all netcode from the engine (stripped it right out!), so they could add more AI code, more physics (Karma Authoring Engine), etc. You CAN mod Unreal II, but you CANNOT add multiplayer to it. I imagine one of you MTA dev guys know the answer to this. I pray VC has the netcode still in it!!!
  3. here's my two cents (as a network replication specialist that cannot code a single line of code, but has worked on 3 major mods helping the actual coder with replication issues): its all about replication. Replication is the server taking incoming client data and factoring it with all the other incoming data, and replicating it back out to all the clients. example: me and Mr Bill are on a server. I shoot at mr bill, and he shoots at me at same time. Both our computers send the data to the server saying 'i shot at him'. The server has to take this data (usually in a FIFO method...First In First Out), calculate all the projectiles, movement, etc within the 3d space, then decide who did what and what happened, and send this data back out to both clients. this happens 100's of times per second...depending on the netcode of the engine, the connection speed, the packet settings, etc. what does this have to do with anything? Replication is the HARDEST part of ANY multiplayer game. Its easy to tell the engine to do this, show that, etc...but its a HUGE NIGHTMARE to get the game to do this and keep all the clients in synch. this is just when every client is moving at full speed. when you try to make one client move at half-speed, with the rest moving full speed, now you have entered the Twilight Replication Zone (we worked with guys at Matrix Mod for Unreal Tournament for a month cuz the idea of matrix-time was something we wanted to implement in our game). IT IS POSSIBLE THOUGH. they finally got it working where just ONE client would go into matrix time, but I dont think it ever got released, because doing this killed another part of the game. I mean destroyed it. Without help from Epic Games, (and Tim Sweeney emailed me personally and told me it CAN be done...its just a total bitch to get it workin right) they couldnt get it going 100%. This is another reason why Max Payne never made it to multiplayer. The MaxFX engine just wasn't able to replicate correctly with one player going into bullet-time. mainly I just wanted to let ppl know why this is such a pain in the ass to do. A more technical explanation I guess. (editor's note: SID IS FULL OF LIES AND LISTENING TO HIM IS DANGEROUS!!!). I hope that the MTA team takes the pills and makes them into something else, like 2x speed, 2x damage, or something equivalent, where the client doesnt have to go into Matrix-time. This way they wont spend a lot of time worrying about how to fix all the probs or squashin bugs to get it to work. I imagine theres a zillion bugs already to squash. I want to see a working stable MTA first, then mebbe add matrix-time into it (BUT DONT YOU DARE TAKE AWAY RAMPAGES!!! I think they could really add some awesome gameplay!). Ok well, if you didnt understand this at all, you can post and ask me questions. I MIGHT give you an honest answer (how much money you got?). heh. j/k. I dont know everything, and im def not a know-it-all. I just know mp gaming, and how clients and servers interact with each other during the process. tootles! edit: man, I want to say only "LOL" to Sandstorm's post under mine....damn spam rules hehe
  4. y dun ne1 like when ppl dun spell out werds? y every1 gotta bag on dudes that dun like ta type? me, im lazy, i type as little as possible. if you think im dumb or a redneck then im down with that. You understand what i write. anyhoo dudes are right, selling this would be a whole heap of legal trouble. but my experience in the game industry is that if they do this right, a lot of them will have a job waiting for them at Rockstar or some other game dev that saw their work. Vendetta Studios pretty much had to disband after a while because all the good game devs kept taking our modders and paying them money to work for them dammit. and ya, its for real...was wondering when someone would have the cojones to tackle the project (would be impossible nearly without netcode built into the engine...thank god Rockstar left it in there). my question is this: Who gonna do GTA:VC? Cuz its gonna be here May 13th, 2003. And my copy should be here May 12th or May 14th. So by the time im done beating VC (Cuz its taken me almost 9 months of off and on playing of reg GTA3 to beat just the story missions...i still doing all the other crap), mebbe these dudes will have MTA3 done, and will be working on MTA:VC. ( i can pray dammit). anyway, again, good job MTA team. I will marry one of you (and you will wear the dress at the wedding).
  5. id give the whole project a 10 even tho its in total infancy i've not bothered to even try it yet, because I want to wait until its a stable version, with at least 2 players able to walk, drive, interact, etc. I do check this place daily, and spam a lil here and there (Mr. Bill: lol...ya, im gonna post just lol one day and see if you asleep at the switch), and drool over the whole idea of it all. the fact that mp code is still in the engine code friggin ownz. I have faith these gentlemen (and ladies if there are any, or any cross-dressers) to make this one of the most popular mods around. I mean, GTA3 outsold just about everything (in consoles i think its #1 all time, and the only games to outsell it on PC were Sims crap, Warcraft, Diablo2, and Half-Life...I dont count MMOG's). my figures mebbe not exact, but I cannot think of a more popular game besides CS/HL and Sims. To be able to play this most awesome of games ever produced gives me a diamond-cutter (thats a boner for you 13 year olds). ok, back to playing Freelancer while i wait impatiently oh, and so i get it out of my system now: when will this be released? when is this gonna be done? how do i install .3? why wont .3 do where can i find .4? heh ROCK ON MTA TEAM.
  6. lol dont bag on the dude cuz his english sux he might have used a translator too...when i use babelfish or the other, this is my typical result: English - hey dudes, whats up. I just got this GTA3 and im so stoked to be able to play it multiplayer soon! Let me know when its gonna ready! translation through babelfish: hi mom. im awake. I have procured a GTA3 and im hot to run it with players of people, and players of people today! I request to know when the store is open. so you see... heh I DO AGREE: DO NOT ASK WHEN IT WILL BE DONE. READ THE FRONT PAGE. IT WILL BE DONE WHEN IT IS DONE! translation through babelfish: I HAVE SPOKEN. HAVE NO DAY WHEN IT IS READY. PERUSE THE BEGINNING PAPER. IT IS OVER WHEN IT IS OVER!
  7. gotta remember, this is someone else's site, and they are paying the bill for the bandwidth...not that 90x90 or even 150x150 av's eat up bandwidth, but when 1000 posters are posting...the difference between 90 and 150 is usually 1k-10k in file size...if 100 ppl have 100 posts, thats 10,000 avatars, and 10,000 avatars x 10k extra is a lot of extra bandwidth per day. not flaming you. Just saying why they probably limited it...we limited avatars to our site to 80x80 cuz the bandwidth skyrocketed when we had an influx of over 100 members within two weeks...cost our leader an extra $240 for bandwidth...id say 25% of that was from all the damn avatars but i could be wrong (im well known for being a dumbass)
  8. whats considered spam? just so i dont get in trouble (cuz im a notorius spammer).
  9. lol i just throwing up my thoughts on online buddies. i dun know none of you (and im listening to new Godsmack but that has nothing to do with anything). but yer all cool anyway.
  10. Sid_6.5

    every one sign in

    i count as 2 ppl cuz im so opinionated so my two + the other 5 we got 9 now NINE do not make fun of my math Liberty City Concrete for you...
  11. dudes online bros and sis's are the way to go never a sub for your real life pals or some real woman-flesh but online peeps are a treat. I belong to The Collective...which is non-star trekkish for 'A group of 25-40 year olds that game together hang out together, visit each other, etc etc'. these dudes listen when no one else will. these dudes play all the good games that i do. these dudes are not 14 and run around calling everyone a faggot. these dudes have real lives too. these dudes are some top notch ppl that i wouldnt want to live without. i could but i dun wanna. cuz they cooler than a lot of my real-life friends. besides, they cant shag my gf, steal my stuff, borrow my stuff, trash my place, etc etc. I can shut them off anytime i want to. To do that in real life is to dig a hole in the hills and start putting bodies in it. dont bag on net-pals. i know you prolly wasnt, and none of you know me, but thats my lil joke kinda so dont take me serious. but dont bag on em hehe. coolest ppl i know. im just hoping to meet some porno chicks online that wanna come visit with 3 of their bustiest friends...
  12. Sid_6.5


    remember the movie 'Virtuosity'? The computer generated bad-guy? Made up of 140 of the worst serial killers known to man (or some such number). the los bad dude's name was Sid 6.7 im not quite the killer that dude was (yet) Im almost ready to upgrade to 6.6, but will probably get stuck for another month at sux WHERES MY MTAAAAAAAAA????? GIMMME i cannot WAIT to carjack some poor bastard. BOOYAH.
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    New Forum

    lil slow loading but i like i like i like!
  14. Sid_6.5


    kinda slow in here. but... i been touting the religion of GTA3 forever. And since i belong to a big gaming collective, and all of us LOVE gta3... just wanted to say you guys are idols/gods lol. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS!!!! honestly, i have not tried the alpha yet, cuz i test 3 other games for companies, and I have had enough of alpha/beta stuff for a bit...but...the instant you can have more than 2 ppl playing, the entire Collective will start testing it out and helping report bugs. Anyway, thanks for taking this huge project on. its a dream. i think im gonna cry now. =) Sid 6.5
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