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  1. av you made one like San?
  2. nice work mate. Similar to what iv bin building
  3. haha i know everyone misses me i do pop in every know and then, just waiting for the release of DM before i become active again. Might start doing some Lua if i find the time. im a busy bee at the moment.
  4. Yummy, Stubby Wars, Jumping glitches Bahhh Miss them old days dearly
  5. you need to edit the script to link to your script host..
  6. because they have more important things to work on, IE MTA:SA Deathmatch. But if they were working on MTA Race i bet you would be bitching about MTA:SA DM. Am i correct?
  7. Looks like ive added myself
  8. Howmuch times have changed back in my scripting days, people would gladly share scripts around
  9. Few doesnt mean nothing few could be 2 large sections that could take 3 months each in theory. you never know tho.
  10. What would actually be included within this project? Some sort of referal system? where people can get Dynamic Signatures showing howmany people they have reffered to download Multi Theft Auto? I cant see a complete reason why this would be necassary, but if someone can prove me wrong, id be willing to help out.
  11. Freetranslation.com Sux lol This is what i can make out "I have a MTA SA Race Server on a Debian Root Server. Now i would like to run a Script on it. Is there any mIRC for Linux" if i am correct then download wine [http://www.winehq.com/] this runs WIN32 Applications. Let me know if this helps
  12. cant believe no one wished yhoo it
  13. Happy Birthday Master matey, some of you know him as Lil_Toady, hes being a great contribution to the MTA Scene, Glad youve had a Good Day!!!!
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