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  1. I used to play this game like... a year ago? Even then it was pretty dead. Though I do think GTA3:MTA was pretty cool when people was active in it. :3 I can't wait to play MTA:SA DM with the Liberty City mod . <3
  2. Look what I found when I google'ed "Jigga": shit looks nice
  3. Bone Thugs-n-Harmony - Weed song
  4. lol i h8 that we cant c ppl's name in it... other than that, its great no crashes at all!! yoohoo and only 1 month.
  5. Hey I heard UVA was a good clan... And as my ex clan: (FKU), closed, I think its time for me 2 "re-clan'ise", because being alone - sux cok. I'm a c00l guy and not a bad fighter. My fav. skins: mexican and robber. If yall wanna test me, tell me when and where, im down . 1
  6. omfg its the wigga game lol... so noob this game is. They even copied SA's radar lol... nah saints row is WACK. the good thing to come up is the online-like GTA... a GTA but where all is made online - APB
  7. Maybe some screens of all the beta's you've released?
  8. oh and THIS: shows all: http://www.register.com/retail/whois_in ... _challenge just type the code in and proceed to see Rockstar Games registered it.
  9. Rockstar Games has decided not to make any more GTA games.. Don't know if they wont ever do anymore but atm they said they quitted with developing new GTA Games loll get ya facts right before posting. They WILL do a next GTA4. And it's coming out with the PS3. it has all been discussed and re-descussed at GTAForums.com . There will be a GTA4. Plus, Dan (or Sam) Houser - Rockstar Games president - registered the domain gta4.com http://whois.com/EasyDomainSearch.aspx?isavailable=no
  10. The rules are 100% necessary. The intention is to have a fully functioning RPG server and it is extremely hard to achieve that when we all spawn with guns. Therefore to prevent people from using those guns we need strict rules. I'm sure that from the perspective of someone who only plays death match the idea of being kicked or banned for killing is difficult to comprehend but that is the whole point. Ankeborg is not a death match server, nor is it a DM/RPG hybrid. It is pure RPG, it is our little corner of MTA and we like it there. You are more than welcome to come along but all we ask is that you respect our rules, if you really feel that you cannot follow our rules then just play elsewhere. Kojak, no need of long sentences for these fools, they wont understand a shit anyways (they are polish, not really good in english)... DM'rs dont have a really developed brain, u kno, cuz all they do is spawn, shoot 2 times with stubby, die and respawn
  11. I LOVE TO GET BANNED! That's me - Jigga teh gay rpg hater =D anyway, sure, just look at news, look at paris, no, no1 is randomly shooting, srofl, stupid rpg kid stupid rpg kid pwns u in DM too. wanna bet?
  12. There is a lil difference.. CJ/Tommy would't moan and ban u for killin em o/ If you dont like to get banned, - don't kill... and normally there's no random guy that randomly shoots you on the street. All peds there have a reason if they shoot, even the ballas shoot u with a reason (rival gang). before posting a comment, make sure it's right
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