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Noobz With Cheatz


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I want to see Noobz excuses for stupid cheats and hacks. (look at this)

[EVC]JuNioR has left the game.

KillerX: hi

[LsL]Dark: timothy

[LsL]Dark: is he here?

KillerX: who is he

KillerX: (name)

[LsL]Dark: {ULK}Tim lol

KillerX: nope sry

KillerX: wanna RPG?

[LsL]Dark: ?

KillerX: roleplat

KillerX: roleplay*

KillerX: im a taxi

[LsL]Dark: lol

KillerX: seince i know a speed bug

[LsL]Dark: u cheat u mean?

[LsL]Dark: fuck off lol

KillerX: (only works on vehicles)

KillerX: no

KillerX: bug

[LsL]Dark: what bug is this then

JoelInglis has joined the game.

JoelInglis has left the game.

KillerX: press these 2 buttons and u get a super shot

KillerX: only lasts for like 2 seconds

[LsL]Dark: what buttons then?

KillerX: not telling or i wudn't b the only one to know it

[LsL]Dark: haha u stupid hacker

KillerX: LOL

KillerX: yeah right

[LsL]Dark: i am posting this on forums, be funnny.

[LsL]Dark: mta forums

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i suck at jokes!

i just want to see there excuses tho, its funny to me anyway hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhhhhh








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I'm taking 'speech' in college, it's more like conversation psyche, we don't read essays or anything lol

But it goes over how people (men in particular) make excuses to hide inferiority...if you get the chance take the class, it makes little things like be...actually funny :)

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