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  1. maybe a cheater came and edited his col. files and gf killed the noob cheater
  2. wow dj gta i think the editing is great btw nice camera angle HAHA 10/10
  3. nah dude do u think everyone in this world is just a gurl and just plays fair ofcourse there are cheaters
  4. lol dude why are u the leader if u cant even code c++ how about u prove to us that u have the mem adreses lol learn direct x hacking first and learn c++ too then ull probally be sucesful i know all the steps to making a MP mod but u cant just have 3 ppl on youre team
  5. wow im dling at 400 kb and i have cable modem only
  6. lol breakdance is easy i think the sanchez thing is just a little col. eror and taking a crap in mouth was funyy
  7. nice signature rawk
  8. that is strange so youre saying u cant see the MP actors just the cars moving
  9. well maybe heres the problem 1:the server is laggy 2:cheaters 3:youre internet connection suxor get t1 lan or t3 lan or cable
  10. lol the lag is like 45% improved cuz i saw ijs and aeron driving in passenger and it looked very nice good job mta team
  11. lol hell ya he did he needed a m4 with alot of bullets to make him better
  12. VB6


    that suxor
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