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  1. was saying "my list" a clever way of saying all MNKz r banned, or did u mean Adron? rofl.
  2. nice, very nice, i love progress, synced time, and weather means, that if i say "looks like rain" other people WONT say "huh?"
  3. there is a guy named stanton on a cheater forum i know....thats all im saying....its not even a popular name
  4. and JxM... whatever, DEEEMON does not warp, that i know., everything else is good, JUST DONT REPORT LAG AS A CHEAT U FUUCKING MORON.
  5. Yes one or two people cracked it and i got a hold of it an...........hehehehe.............NO, moron, i cracked my own, i can use [MTA] Tagz, i can change the color of my name at will(using mtaclient, not shitty colorcodes), and most things ARE'NT easy to grasp, kuz unlike ur shitty no sink mod(Zircon), i mod mta.scm, MOST people cant even begin to mod main.scm...HA
  6. god moron, not only did u WASTE a dot.tk domain name, but u r a fag. there are about 20 MNKz, he has no troble if any moron can crack it, here r some truths. 1. MTA teams r also any ol idiots. 2. hell, they dont care all THAT much, or they would get ANTI hack programs like MUonline or GUNBOUND, not to say they cant be cracked as well, but they r alot harder.
  7. our ambition is to be the best modders in MTA. am i the emblem of MNK, am i all that is MNK?no, id prefer a modding server over a ban me 35 times server anyday. acually it was, and i think it worked
  8. and where the fuck is my "known cheater rank"?!?!?!??!
  9. yea, ask [KFC]Point_ once and he will tell u i dont usually cheat in offical (or Clan owned, or DM servers, or any bigger servers for that matter) just normally in ones that say "Clems server", "elite web", or "T3 modder server" ALL of whick say MODDING ALLOWED , omfg, if only n00bz could read....then maybe modders would get a fighting chance in this "heated Debate" , i know KFC point_ from a while ago on PARTYSERVER i DONT cheat, i still own, on stunt servers, yes i mod the shit out of that bitch, stunt that is, MODDING ALLOWED.....OMFG
  10. no response? at least there are some good eggs out there open to accept us as individuals, that is the problem with EVERYTHING, this is my OPINION, i only hazed KungFu and DeathB and developers as a JOKE, everyone has a opinion(unless ur a kami, sorry if u are ) this is mine, CHEATING IS AWESOME, this is yours, CHEATING IS BAD, u expect everyone to conform to everyone else? then ur stupider than i EVER though.
  11. no u couldnt find a "port" detecting other programs that effect GTA3 GTAVC or MTA for that matter, bkuz a trainer is memory editing, u could ban that particular program, but there would be more made.
  12. it seems Zircon dosnt have problems modding against the computer http://dlx.gamespot.com/pc/grandtheftautovicecity/moreinfo_6091113.html hmm, *zircon's computer starts bitching that he has no justification for what he is doing.
  13. and KungFu, dude, it is justification we hardly EVER play with mods on in DM, we usually hop in gang cars and own people.....prettymuch the OLNY time we mod the MOST is stunt, wtf r u competing for there?, i dont see money on the scoreboards yet....
  14. same here, i will own anyone any time with mods off.... And I toss salad too it's great
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