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This is what mta 0.3b will prolly look like. We removed a lot from the previous one because wo use dedicated servers from now on. I'm also working on a ded. server config utility which will look something like:


This is not final, i'm still working on it :!: It will still change something

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I think the about and the exit button should be in a seppete box, like the rightclick on logo on left top ;)

And please, no background image. What's the point of it? I rather like more in windows fitting grey background.

And, also, no mta logo. I've I want to see its mta I just look at the titlebar.

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heh at the caption it says "connected" but on the proggie itself it says "no connection" :wink:

Blokker's first post also has the same though, unless of course you were on about Blokker's

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