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  1. *Is entranced by dancing snowmen, and sways left and right muttering about 'Those evil snowmen, they stole the precious...'*
  2. No no no, simply jump into the water 1000 times, and you'll get it! Its great!!!111!!! UbEr!!!!11!! If you fell for this, you are the dumbest bastard on the face of the earth. Period.
  3. what the hell is it? A piss soaked rat?
  4. Would make a nice mode, you all start with some moolah, for killing someone you get a certain amount of money, they loose the same amount. when someones broke ($0) theyre out of the game! You can thank me for my idea later .
  5. RobZGod

    Team Killing

    What, thats not a negative comment! Not allowed! (If you havent spotted, im being sarcastic. In fact I think its good that someone realises that they're taking time to do this )
  6. Then bank left over water hehe.
  7. RobZGod

    Team Killing

    If someones camping your spawn, go to another one, or kill the bastards! Just spawn fast, run for a second, then start blasting the fuckers! Guffaw!
  8. RobZGod


    Simply find a server with the least lag possible, this helps solve the problem a wee bit.
  9. First, dont be so sad as to have a conversation with yourself on a forum. Second, I think the site needs some more 'oompf'. Something to set it apart from other gangs. just a thought .
  10. Ooh a half life mod, cool. Might get more of a reaction at a half life forum though
  11. I like the sound of 'The Fugitives', they could make it a class CopsVRobbers mode. Equal teams of cops and robbers (Or maybe more cops, more like real life that way). Cops start at a police station (duh!). On the roof is a hunter, maybe a VCPD also. On the ground, many Police cars, a couple of cheetahs, white Freeways and S.W.A.T vans. Robbers start near the sailor spawn docks, with a large black truck, some PCJs, maybe a black maverick. Just some nice cars and a large transport one. Robbers must get to bank, find the 'money' and my ideas are either: a) Robber holding the money must survive for a set time or... b) Robber with money must get to 'hideout'. Like?
  12. RobZGod

    Team Killing

    Must you ruin this game? Its one of the few fun ones left, that hasent been mushified into...erm...mush. That does not mean the server has teamplay. It means that the class is best used in a team, since the classes with teamplay all seem to have one great thing about them, whilst the VCC class is just good all-around. Teamplay sucks, its boring, its mushy. Making games easy like this takes away the excitement...
  13. RobZGod

    Team Killing

    Go xenex, go xenex, its your birthday, its your birthday! Ignorant git that Shado guy was. Maybe a suggestion of 'Option to make teamplay servers', not a hitler-esque 'Teamplay or else' .
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