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  1. Hello, I think it would be good idea to have a stopwatch in MTA stuntmode for players who like racing, And could have the options of enable/disable, start/stop, and reset the timer. sort of like the timer that appears in single player under the hud in the vice city racer missions. i think it might bring afew more players to stuntmode servers since most new features appear in normal (Deathmatch) mode first. any thoughts & opinions much appreciated Thank you for your time
  2. Hello cerbera ask me to make to topic for him From cerb:
  3. hello, does gxt editor work with mta 2.2 ? when i try save i get error help please Thanks for your time
  4. WoW Very Nice !! This will come in very handy,when i finally get around to finishing my vid someday.... Thanks m8
  5. Hello, Has anyone got a Vehicles map for stunt mode on mtavc2.2 ? Thank you
  6. Hello, One thing i like in mta-vc2 about being passenger is being able to choose the radio station of your choise Now that mta.2 is able to have passengers,just wondering is it possible for someone to make a mod for mta online only that lets passengers shot? this would make being a passenger alot more fun
  7. This might be good for public servers BUT what about the stunters who like setting up packers around vice city maybe the host of the server could have the option to set the idle time or turn it off/on
  8. Thanks for the advice blokker ill give it a try on the double
  9. There are some @#$% GFX I get this all the time online I have geforce2 64mb , i run most new games fine on the lowest GFX settings, I tryed the 1.1 pacth ages ago but didnt notice much difference in single player, havent had a chance to try it on mta, I dont have much more options left except get new GFX card or the 1.1 vice city patch might be worth trying again
  10. WOW Loch Ness Monster lets kill and feed it to the birds
  11. IJsvogel: Just wondering is that protection used to blocks users from useing mods on mta.2 also? Dont stress dudes, Your mod RULEZ!!! I think you guys set a new standard for modding. It should go down in the history books.I intend on useing the tools for single player private use ONLY. Thanks for the link curly, Theres was lots of helpful tuts there , not sure if there was anything on changeing vehicles spawn points,oh well i keep up the search... Thanks for your time bye
  12. Thanks Curly Wonderful, Excellent , Great Thanks !!!!!!
  13. Hello there, Im wondering what tools i would need to alter spawn vehicles points ? Thanks for your time bye
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