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Christmas gift (25/12/2003 @ 16:31 CET) by MTA Team


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It is Christmas and the MTA Team decided to give the community a present. Our present to you is a first movie from MTA:VC 0.3 that has been recorded in an experimental Spectator Mode (which may or may not be included in the next version).

In the movie you will see the new animations that we have been able to implement, as well as the unlocked backwheels that has been a long-standing problem.

We hope to release another video in the next day or two showing regular gameplay. So enjoy your Christmas present from us and give a big thank you to eAi for putting this one together!

You can grab the movie here, enjoy!

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But is there a plan for "get-in/out-the-car" animation for version 0.3? Because in the movie it seems a little strange...

But that walking is great..! SUPAH

Right now, no ... but we can't guarantee anything and this is one of the animations that we are looking for (so, it is possible for sure).

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The music is from "Love Actually" sung by Bill Nighy, but released under his "Love Actually" name "Billy Mack" and its called "Christmas Is All Around".



Thanks eAi!

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yeah the spectator mode looks well kool i must say! but may i suggest that the mta team could concentrate on my idea the idea is as follows....

that wen u die u have to wat a few seconds to spawn in (like bf1942) and while u are waiting to spawn in u could see other players playing wqhile ure waiting to spawn in! :D

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so this spectator mode runs outside mta, but does it work without any tweaking to mta or the server?

how does it work? does the person show up in the player list, if so does it show in a different color or with a tag identifying them?

does it work like the replay camera, or does it follow the person, and can it be free floating?


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