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  1. It is impossible to prevent cheating unless an effective method of banning is developed.
  2. I think people need to learn to shut up and enjoy the game. People have such a habit of whining that it gets very irritating. Even when you disable the chat box, the admin makes some stupid call and kicks you from the game. If you want to run an efficient game server: I have found in more servers than one that admins often have flawed judgement and a terrible relationship with their fellow admins, and this leads to server inefficiency. In an efficient game server, all admins have to know the server security policy by heart and have to follow that policy. Constant communication between admins is a must, and all admins should know where to report security incidents. It's a good idea to have some sort of central incident reporting forum; I usually pull this off by making a private section of my forum devoted to the storage of incident reports. Also, it should be made absolutely crystal clear to the player where and/or who to file a complaint with in the event of a security error; this minimizes the amount of players coming to the MTA forum to whine about a problem experienced on a particular server. Also, admins should be given access depending on their character; more responsible admins can have greater access while unpredictable admins can have lower access. I've been adminning game servers for six years; I know damn well what I'm talking about.
  3. Does it really matter what IP you specify in your server config? Does MTA-Server behave any differently towards an internal IP address? When you start the server and it is on and listening, then I would think all you would have to do is forward the ports. Edit: It is possible that MTA is doing this in order to distinguish between NICs (if you have more than one).
  4. Actually there was a GTASCRadio program which would buffer Shoutcast stations and write mp3s to your Vice City or GTA3 mp3 folder. It is not very efficient (if it loses connection, you have to manually reconnect), and I think that development has ceased on the project altogether. It would be great if someone would pick this up and keep it going. If you want it, it is available here: http://www.divxland.org/gta/shoutcastradio/
  5. Yup, he's a kid alright. Good job.
  6. I don't want to have to download a large file just to hear some kid's attempt at entertaining me.
  7. The problem is not the game. The problem is the many morons who play the game. About 90% of the players are extremely immature, and all they do is ruin the game for others by means of admin abuse or cheating. And when I say cheating, I mean firetruck flying, minigun-toting cheating. It only takes one idiot to ruin the game for everyone. The only way people will stick with this game is if this large portion of the MTA community matures.
  8. I believe you have blown my post out of proportion. I was pointing out that you don't seem to have anything better to do than to psychoanalyze kids who play MTA. I believe you have given those kids a little too much credit. As these represent the most illogical portion of the human race, the only word suitable for their collective description is "stupid". See, that wasn't so hard, was it?
  9. Bishop: You need a life. Seriously. You have too much free time on your hands if you are psychoanalyzing kids who play MTA. pete: Stop taking the game so seriously, man. If you really want to relieve stress, there are better ways (or should I say better games).
  10. It is pretty obvious that IE is tied directly to the Windows core. A lot of Windows services depend on Explorer, so exploiting IE could easily compromise the entire system. Also, if you browse through the various bugtraqs out there, you will find that IE vulnerabilities are discovered every day. That said the immediate assumption is that because IE is widely used, it is prone to more exploits. Not true. IE is vulnerable regardless of its popularity, and thus it is not a safe browser.
  11. I guess that means you shouldn't play MTA altogether. What the others said is true: whining on this forum will not accomplish anything.
  12. Well, let's learn a little more about the problem before we propose a solution. Reinstalling stuff is a big deal, and you want to avoid that as much as possible. blindrider4, could you be a little more specific about your hardware and software setup? What OS are you running?
  13. A possible solution is to use an http redirector like the Unreal Tournament games do. It routes your clients to a webserver where the necessary files are located.
  14. OH NOES!! TEH GANG MEMBURZ R GOING AWAY!!!!!11111 Sorry, had to jump in; this thread is too funny. Seriously, though, MTA could do without these annoying kids. A lot of "gangs" consist of nothing but a bunch of rude kids who are intent on ruining the game. The departure of said kids would make the game tolerable.
  15. I think Draco does a great job. But probably the only thing which keeps me from playing GtaT is that it doesn't fit around Vice City MTA does. It changes the directory structure and files so much. I would prefer it if GtaT would dynamically load what it needed to, and then take away its changes after you have finished a game.
  16. It is possible that your processor is overheating. You should make sure that it is being adequately cooled before you attempt intensive games. I think you should be able to find temperature monitoring software out there somewhere.
  17. So...this is just a giant flame board? An anti-MTA community? Oh, wait, it's just a haven for a bunch of whiny 12-year-olds. Edit: Just checked out your board. Even though most of the people are quite pathetic, I have seen much worse. All people seem to do on your board is whine. Really, man, don't use the First Amendment as an excuse to cuss continuously like some wannabe kid; that's definately not the idea behind that Amendment.
  18. Actually a hacker is someone who tinkers with hardware and software in order to find a new solution to a problem. "Hacker mentality"? Give me a break! I think you guys are giving the cheaters way too much credit. Whining about this problem won't solve anything. It is quite clear to everyone that there are people out there who will ruin your game, and until something is officially done about it, there is nothing we can do.
  19. It is possible, MeSsInA, that you got a virus anyway and that MTA has nothing to do with it. I use multiple virus and spyware scanners on my computer, and my machine is clean.
  20. Hmm, all I can really suggest for you to do is to lower your ingame resolution and lower your color settings. Unfortunately GTA does not have a wide range of display configuration options, so you don't really have very many options as far as tweaking is concerned.
  21. A major problem is that you really cannot ban hackers because the best thing that MTA can ban on is the IP address. All the hacker has to do after being banned is wait a day or so, then return to the server with a new name and continue hacking. Because most people have dynamic IPs, banning anyone is only a temporary thing.
  22. Bump, I have never been able to have a single intelligent conversation with anyone ingame, nor have I been able to have very many decent games. Most players that I encounter ingame are immature, cantankerous, and unsportsmanlike. That's probably why I don't check these boards as often as before. It doesn't look like anyone will grow up in the near future. I mean no offense to anyone in particular, but I can only take so much of this garbage. I feel sorry for you, Bump, because you get to babysit so many of these kids everyday
  23. That would be because you gentlemen have absolutely nothing better to do with your miserable lives
  24. This has been brought up so many times that I think that people are tired of responding to it. Can we just lock this now and save ourselves some time?
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