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i gotta make a post on this a cant help it..

Driver 1 and 2 where my favorite games. They where always on my list. Driv3r better be good, but from the looks of it the graphics suck. they are still using the ones that they had on driver 2.

Lemme prove you WRONG on that. Driver 2 has graphics WORSE than GTA3. Driv3r has MUCH better graphics that GTA3/VC. If you want, I'll try and find a pic of driver 2.

Here's a pic from Driver 2



Pic from Driv3r.


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Great,huh? :) Got goosebumps just from watching all the videos.

Gotta love the series.I can't wait to see how this one turns out.

Look's like the action isn't just only going to be focused on driving like the previous two titles.Gonna be full of mind blowing action and great cinematics.

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