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  1. i kno right.. last is spelt with an S btw
  2. AND OMG.. i still have forum idiot tagged onto me from when i yelled at Kung and dropped out of KFC for AA damn u Kung
  3. haha.. if it wasnt for the stubby.. i wouldnt have gotten into KFC.. i got it when i challenged wheelman.. all of KFC was bitchin and screaming at me.. so we fought.. it was 4 to 5 wheelman winnning... then it was 7 to 10.. wheelman winning again.. but they let me in. i miss the days of Snomaine's madd helikills while half of KFC was in the chopper with him
  4. Turbo X

    Tag Detector?

    wats ALW's ventrillo Ip anyway??
  5. somebody has got to fix that shit... I'm gonna wait until i come back from spain to buy all the crap i need for my computer.... im also gonna be buying POP component to VGA converter so that i can play xbox on my computer screen HDTV!!
  6. my computer is soo screwed right now.... i finish re-installing windows off of my recovery CD for the 3rd time and my computer still freezes up on me (it freezes for 2 seconds every ~17 seconds). I cant even play Mp3's. I dont know what is the problem... i dont think it can be my hardware, and this is the same windows that i was using before.. im gonna go out and buy windows, and it that doesnt work im gonna go and buy a new motherboard+prossessor+ram. i might not be on MTA for a while...
  7. can i get "ass whooped" taken off plz....
  8. i think its pretty amazing, what they did, its like what the rockstar team is doing now, which is making a sequel to the GTA series... This mod really deserves more attention. If i were to bring one of my freinds from shcool over and tell them that i have the next GTA they would belive it... it would take them time to notice how small the map is becuase all u do when u get a new GTA is somehow end up going in circles... im gonna do that... i like tricking ppl... (edit: you n00bs dont even have the link on here http://www.myriadislands.com/ ) The only change they need is to have better modeled cars which they can pick off of any one of these gta modding websites... kinda what killer kip did... i'm sure that boosting up the limit ajuster wouldnt hurt any of our computers anyway//
  9. do you mean this cheat?? I had to post that picture... this topic is too boring without it.
  10. yeah even though it wasn't funny i crack up every time... btw the person who did this in the party server some months ago was BLOOD, im sure he is known here....
  11. im gonna miss the seens from .4.5 and stuff leik this one though: ey and dude your from malaga or from a city near malaga.. cause im from a town in galicia leik 50km away from Santiago de compostela...
  12. im bored (this is not even close to spam) welcome back yankees
  13. i want my avitar back- and why does it say asswhooped??? afro did u have somthing to do with this
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