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  1. ACIDman

    Driver 3 website

    I'm sure, that's what their job with Driv3r is. Reflections get money from them, make a better game, and rich but talentless Atari publish the game . That's what I think. I may be wrong.
  2. ACIDman

    Driver 3 website

    Honestly, after ugly "Enter the Matrix" (which I liked - I just wanted to dodge bullets and run the walls, and I got it ) I'm rather afraid of ATARI. I guess they just publish Driv3r, but I assume Reflections was bought by someone or ATARI gave it a lot of money (gee.. make a MOVIE for the game, with VFX on the level - they must've invested enough), so it should show on the quality of the game (at least, on graphics). Who knows, maybe they plan a quiet revolution . Quiet, quiet, then all of a sudden - bam, a nice driving game . Looking at the maps, I wouldn't say those cities are that big though. Consoles won't be able to handle a lot of detailed cars + huge cities. And I don't want those small towns. I need space to ride!
  3. ACIDman

    Driver 3 website

    Well.. That's silly . Neither the guy, nor the game look like the ones in Vice City. If you're talking about the point of view the camera looks upon Tanner, that's like comparing Half-Life and Doom - they're both 3D-action games. Sierra has stolen the idea of MONSTERS from Doom! Gee.. Driv3r's looks totally differrent, and the whole game design is different too. I like the detailed city textures, city walls with cracks on them etc. Let's see how my machine will handle all that . Yes, it's Miami, too. And it was before, so why don't we accuse ROCKSTAR in plagiarism? Sure, Reflections (and ATARI) want to be on the same level with Driver as R* is with GTA, although I don't think they want to make Driv3r look exactly like GTA. The screenshots and what I've seen from the trailers looks good so far, and not quite similar to GTA. Actually, now I expect better level of realism than in upcoming GTA. I'm not saying GTA is worse - I just want to get a variety of games from the genre I love. Sure, for developers it's a copetition, but it's just better for us! Isn't it?
  4. Oh, gotta change the site a bit. Was busy the whole week..
  5. ACIDman

    Driver 3 website

    Whoa! The new screenshot are amazing! Take a look: http://gamespot.com/xbox/action/driver3 ... index.html Now I can say I can't wait for the game to come out! That's one of my dreams - drive really fast through those small, thin european city streets. + 60s Mustang is one of my favourite cars . Looks like every car looks completely different, and all of them are modelled and texutred quite well. On the other hand, will my and others' computers handle all of that beauty? Oh, I hope you don't think I sold my soul to the Driv3r . -- And I really like what they've done on the site in the "Story" section - where you get to actually FLIP the pages. Cool .
  6. What do you mean? You CAN or you CAN'T see images in people's signatures?
  7. ACIDman

    Driver 3 website

    No no. "Run the GAUNTLET" IS a movie, it's not just an intro to the game (as far as I know). That's the thing - they've stolen the plot, the car (looks like Eleanor, Ford Mustand Shelby GT 500 '67), and added those naive details ("Cops will be waiting for him" - is she mad? Does she want a car or not?).
  8. Hmm.. Now it's either you or all the posts magically disappered again?
  9. ACIDman

    Driver 3 website

    Well.. I hope, it is something that will help me to wait for San Andreas . Anyway, it's even better since I gotta get some rest from Vice City (I'm too "used" to it, and since San Andreas will have the same engine I may not find a difference between games ) + some new ideas and cars. About this movie of ATARI's, "Run the GAUNTLET" - gee.. Is it a copy or should we consider it plagiarism? It has "Gone in 60 seconds"'s plot, and this good looking girl with scary voice and accent . Anyway, good to know. Driv3r will ease the sufferings of waiting .
  10. This is just a demo , without a complete menu. I'm going to add the rest of it and, I guess, send it to the email stated on the competition page (with PSD file included). -- Actually, I'll add a few more details and only then..
  11. Gee.. Ok, I guess "Location: Estonia" explains it all. I don't wanna argue with anyone, but that is obvious flood ("There's no Vice City but there is Miami" "-Yeah, but I mean Vice City" "Like I said, there is none" "-Yeah, but I'm talking about Vice City". Or maybe it isn't.. That's worse ) And reply to an old post: All game developers try to make their games as realistic as they can. That's a little secret . The other thing is that they have to make games according to people's computers, most of which can't handle super difficult geometry and wallpaper-sized textures. One of the choices, as I understang it, is to make realistic physics. That's what they did it with Max Payne 2 - the graphics is basically on the same level, but physics... It is AMAZING. All of the surroundings interact with each other, dead bodies fall on what they're near by, spines bend . Anyways, I really enjoyed playing with environment in Max Payne 2 (now wonder there's a Havoc logo on the splash screen. Those guys, as far as I remember, also made that great physics modelling plug-in Reactor for 3DS Max).
  12. How do you know? I don't have an idea how MTA gets on the GTA's code and what it can do there. How do YOU know?
  13. I don't think it's possible. There's no AMMO when you get in a heli, so in order to pick up the ammo you need to have a weapon. I don't know but I don't think it's possible. People can live without refills - just blow the 'empty' Apache up near the army base and the new one will appear within one minute. Sort of simple, but will prevent from massive unexpected machine gun/rocket attacks.
  14. It was fun to fly and shoot Apache at first but then I changed my mind . So, yeah, now I'm for limiting the ammo, for cheaters' sake .
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