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fastest car


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This is a definitive (correct) list.

Fastest vehicles in order of top speed:

1 Infernus

2 Hotring, Cheetah

3 Phoenix, Banshee, Comet, Deluxo

4 PCJ, Sanchez, Angel, Freeway

5 Sabre Turbo

In order of acceleration:

1 PCJ and Sanchez

2 Angel

3 Freeway

4 Hotring

5 Banshee

6 Cheetah and Sabre Turbo

7 Infernus

8 Pheonix and comet

9 Deluxo

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Infernus faster than the hotring racer and the PCJ600? Hah! Maybe faster than the PCJ but not with the leaning trick.

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Generally speaking bikes seem faster because of the acceleration but they don't get the same top speeds.

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Wow, I remember this, how old!

I was so surprised what the top 5 actually were. It makes me really miss the hotring racers.

Get some of those back in :)

It is also surprising to get in the deluxo and it goes so unexpectedly fast.

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