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  1. As my last 2 posts, i'll answer with the same message, maybe in a more 'correct' way in your eyes. Just as the poll-title says: 'screw them' ... lamers, mayb noobs etc will camp for days in planes so they can shoot the rest down... Same as the drive-by .. this topic isn't about it.. but last posts were going on about it, so i will get back at it later. but so... these lamers/noobs stay in their planes.. shooting a few mta-players and then they'll think they are supercool, keeping doing this.. In a while people start regretting they once voted yes in this poll about fly-by's.. since 'now' there are only lamers and/or noobs left hanging in the planes doing 'fly-bys' and not doing anything else. Such people in these planes also won't give normal answers to you, speaking out of experience with drive-by's in vc:mp, when you nicely ask them to stop doing a fly-by (in this case it was a drive-by) .. they will only give answers like 'why? i'm not doing anything illegal?" .. while they know it's lame and irritating for others.. and that it screws up the game. Actually this was probably a partly reason why VC: MP didn't run very well.. lamers in cars doing drive-by's at people in fights... etc etc.. so.. a BIG no for me.. Now for the drive-by's.. drive-by's should be disallowed tbh.. just like the fly-by's, there will only be lamers/noobs in cars... cruising around all day, driving past people that are fighting.. shotting at those people.. and cruise away before they can even get hit by one single shot. But... i think that the 'locked' part (on the back of the bobcat or so) would be very great.. the drive-by wouldn't be as great and 'lame' as it is when u r in the car. You can sitll get hit by bullets.. the car too.. so the player on the car is in as much danger as the players on the ground, plus he won't be able to drive away when he gets shot.. coz he aint driving the car himself. And leviathan.. locked overpowered? haha, not if they implement it so that you can get hit when you're on the car.. then it would be anything but overpowered. Drive-by's are overpowered because you can't get hit yourself.. you got a sort of 'armour' (the car that is) around you that is taking all of the bullets.. and before that exploeds you'd still have 100hp of your own. So, Fly-by's, NO .. Drive-By's, NO .. Locked? Yes , if done correctly. EDIT BY HAZJ: you have been banned.
  2. well actually you prolly did not see your own vid correctly because the rustler in the middle of the hangar lags friggin badly causing at least 2 planes to explode.. and causing him to explode 2 times. That is lag... BUT.. i know what you mean with the 'all-going-for-one-spawn' .. i wasn't talking about that. I just felt like giving you, -> and the rest <- a little lesson about lag. And no.. it is NOT a theory.. if you think it's just a theory then you should stop playing MTA. ;P
  3. lol.. and im not laughing because of the vid, more of the stupidity in picking the wrong word as a titly.. yes matthew.. the wrong word.. these aren't noobs.. These players, all of them in the hangar, are so called 'laggers' . Never heard of 'm eh? Let me Explain: Laggers 'lag' when their ping is extremely high, they start shocking on your screen and on the other players their screens. That's how they all exploded big time, because of the lag. But! You must not forget..! there is also FPS-lag! if your pc is at the level of a commodore 64 (really high) , your pc's 'Frames-Per-Second"-rate starts to drop, and if you get that, you get laggers. Combine these 2 lag'modes' and you'll get uberlag. Shown at your movie. So, don't go and call ppl noobs right away because they bump into eachother. Because they can't help theirselves, because of the lag they bump, not because they are less skilled then u. pwned. razor ftw. (ps: np noob :') )
  4. i mean.. who needs a friggin fly-by if you have enough choppers/planes that can shoot.. plus, i don't think the level of the team is high enough to 'make' fly-bys and sync it so well that you don't see someone do a fly-by AND shoot out of the fron with a rocket or somethin.. retard
  5. hm.. lol thx.. but if i get it right.. i can't race without idling on irc for 17 days? so. .when do i need to get on irc for 2 minutes so i can race..?
  6. ok, if u guys like discussing shiez on IRC so much.. let me play SA and win everything.. u discuss, i race.. everyone happy rite.. chatters
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