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Whats your favorite...?

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My favorite weapon is also the M16, and to kill the enemies i like to get a fast car and go on the direction of the enemie . Then jump out of the car , let the car hit them and when i get up i start shotting them . (if you go with a heavy car , you can take out half of their health)

Oh yeah ... I HATE people that kill others with the helicopter blades !


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my favorite, but sadly least used, way to kill someone is.......:drumroll:......with Helicopter blades! woot! groups of ppl are even better.

but when im not flying, parking ON somebody, preferbably while they're in a gun battle, then shooting them with the m16 or m60, is pretty satisfying, or using ppl as human jumps on my pcj....

...and no matter who you are, the chainsaw is just badass.

ahh, so many ways...

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