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  1. I'll clarify / elaborate a bit more... For common types of mods, map mods, vehicles, etc, you could use a standardized template, so that no code needs to be touched. The template would be stored in a small exe, perhaps a command line app, where with the template, you could "compile" the files required to build the mod against the exe, using the template, to build the necessary .dll file(s). I'm not sure what else can be accomplished via your method of hand compiling the mods, but i think this would work for msot of the common types of mods.
  2. Perhaps a better way to "pack" your assests (models, textures, etc) would be to write up a small app that contains all the necessary code for an addon, and all the end user has to do is compile the assets into the appropriate .dll/.so file wih the exe, and never touch the code itself. This is both safer and more user friendly.
  3. Who in particular do i need to contact? anyone? Also "developer" is a fairly loose term, I've dabbled in all areas of GTA modding, scripting, mapping, object / vehicle and player creation, is there a particular style of "developer" its aimed to? Not that i doubt you, or your abilities, but how can this be? R* hasn't even confirmed a pc version yet (hell, ps2 version isnt even done!), so either your not taking chances and planning ahead, or you know something we don't. But i'm glad your considering it. Blue looks great so far! can't wait
  4. The police maverick, and the one that chases you, are 2 different models, the one with the gun, has it hardcoded, not scripted. The one with the gun, isn't human flyable, and even if it was, you would have the same issues syncing the weapon from it, as the Hunter and Seasparrow. There is an opcode, i forget which one exactly at the moment, that will add the Hunters machine gun, to any vehicle you want, but you'll still have the weapon syncing issue. So what are you saying? this (attaching players to vehicles) isn't possible?
  5. well, ive shot AT the ppl driving, and hit them (on my end anyway), but its goddam hard to kill them, i dunno if its actually synced or not, i dont know why it wouldnt be, but i shoot at them anyway. im fairly certain ive gotten atleast one kill this way, i dont think im mistaken..
  6. Precisely i think it would make a nice option for the admin, but not as a standard thing. M4, Ruger, m60, uzi's...
  7. It would be better if you had a gamemode, dedicated exclusivley to melee weapons, katana, chainsaw, hammers, butcher knife etc. Otherwise yea, get as close as you want with that katana, ill just fire my stubby. i win! Probably not. but there's a ton of fucked up shit that you can see in Vice City.
  8. Easier said than done. i think disabling the knockdown animation, when shot, if possible, should be implemented atleast as a server option. that truly sucks, as the enemy has about a good 3-5 seconds to make you his bitch with any weapons he has, and you have no defense at all. i say when shot, because its a bit unrealistic for other scenarios, like being hit by a car. If we did that, the entire mod community, and MTA itself, wouldnt exist.
  9. Yea, thats too bad. This is like a tax on the ppl who can afford good systems, if your computer cant keep up, its time to upgrade. The only way you can ensure "fair play" is if eveyone is running the exact same computer, with vice on the same settings. There's bound to be advantages on the hardware end of things, and i dont think you should be penalizing a player, or even have the option to as the admin, because he has a faster pc. what a crock of shit besides that, turning the frame limiter off solves some problems, atleast for me, when i play. if i turn it ON, i see nothing but lod's while driving.
  10. Um, what the hell? do you SEE a post from me in here, besides this one?! i didnt say anything, and too be honest, i wasn't GOING to. Your pre-emptive "stfu" makes you look paranoid and foolish. To top it off, your idea isn't original either. i have a similar idea on page one of this topic, except mine is superior as it doesnt require any "packs" and it allows more flexibility. so we're up to paranoid, unoriginal, moronic, and n00bish. great package you have going so far. Now, fsck off.
  11. thats what syncing is! he knows as much about syncing as he does ping ill bet
  12. i noticed some talk in the first page about cracked versions of the game, and who has what audio file, etc. The voices for tommy that are used when he's driving or killing, his random one-liners, are stored in the sfx.raw and sfx.sdt files, in your Audio folder. these are files that are installed whether you choose to install the radio stations or not, and whether or not you have a cracked game, they're there. in other words everyone has them, and about 99% of ppl dont ever mod them. syncing isnt an issue.
  13. ashdexx


    obviously not all the details have been sorted out. yes, the commands for that opcode are part of the game engine, and would most likely require some internal tweaking. But there are other checks you can do in the scm such as distance and weapon checks, so if the bots are a certain distance away, or have so much health / armor / ammo, you can alter their weapons and make them "dodge" the attacker by running in different directions or arming them with something heavier, to simulate weapon changing. As far as attacking is concerned, the power again lies in numbers. Using the opcode i mentioned, actors fire on the attacker when the player is shot. so even if im delayed a second, there would still be "X" number of my bots, shooting back while i turn to fire myself. Even with the source to gta, scripting intelligent AI would be a challenging task.
  14. ashdexx


    Im not a robot, i have a sense of humor. the problem is , that i HAVE read other posts by you, and have come to the conclusion that your a moron, and an unfunny one at that. you needed dual correction. with insults like "assface" and "stupid bastard" i would recommend you check into flame school, i didnt even flinch. @ talidan depending on the bots objective, you might not to need to script the entire AI system for them. there's an SCM opcode that ties an actor to a player, so it automatically follows him around, gets in/out of the same vehicle, and shoots who the player shoots. i bet it could be used for this.
  15. ashdexx


    well, that was incomprehensible. If you knew what ping was, you would understand why lower ping is better. ill summarize: lower ping = less lag. The idea was not to play a multiplayer game strictly against bots, but to have them in ADDITION to the human players. It would still be Multi theft auto, their roles, as i envisioned them, would simply be as team expansions (more ppl on your side) or car drivers that could pickup / dropoff people. i never meant for them to replace the competition, as you seem to mistakenly think. exactly. but with the lag, some clients might register a hit, while others do not. you can imagine the problems that could cause. If you dont know what your talking about, dont respond. Single player has no "bots" in it. The uh, "bot data" shouldnt take up much more bandwith than a normal human controlled player, it sending the same data, coords, anim, gun ammo health, etc. the only additional data i can imagine that it would send, is the instructions for which actor to target and its accuracy. 10/1 is absurd. i deem thee unworthy to be in my topic. begone!
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