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    Few people develop a good notion of their surroundings... Sneaking up on someone's back and spraying them down is usually easy @ aiming ahead... That worked perfectly on mta:gta3. The same rule applies more or less here.
  2. Meh, lot of old faces here.
  3. A: rox the sox. Q: will humanity stop finding something to whine about?
  4. Quality work out there, enjoy the new release.
  5. A: No, because a faggot such as yourself is never online when I'm on. Q: Will they ever make gta for the pc decent?
  6. Wow. Time sure flies. I remember it back in 2003 when things were starting, the community was great, I and a few others had a great blast with the fun that MTA was. I myself only joined "the scene" when MTAVC's first release happened. Boy do I remember people trying to find out who were others, everyone calling everyone else a cheater because of the bad syncronization (that got improved over time), the endless gun fights in Malibu near the only player spawn, joys of the first versions. I met a few people playing this mod, started my own clan (or gang, lol), SM. Those were fun times. Months later I had the previledge of being seen as trustworthy and got invited into beta testing. Some friendly community faces I knew were testing too. I also talked to some developer team members now and then, watched the developer crew change as both old and new developers came into the scene. I have retained some contacts and we speak seldom. Testing new versions, playing in crowded servers with the great community, the gang activity between names like ULK, SM, VCK, VCP, KFC, the forum drama queens like DeathB and Wheelman, the irc master Robpol86, that all made it very fun and memorable. Just wanted to say this. Bloody hell, have 5 years really passed? Those who still remember me may recall I may not be the best to express myself through these sort of posts I do miss those fun days, but that's the way of life.
  7. * Sneaks in before the door is closed... * Happy Late Bday!
  8. Arctos666, we don't take ripping too kindly you know.
  9. Nice to see so many old faces... DJ: yeah, you're welcome back if you stay active. I don't mean that you have to play often, but just showing up at least once a week on irc... Gulag: currently me, hazj and xenez are busy with life, so yeah, you're welcome to come back, specially as a recruiter, with the same condition as DJ, which is being on irc sometimes. Dealer: where have you been man?
  10. Boss

    0x21796F6A ERROR!

    armorfid: please be more specific, do you mean your start game button now works (you manage to go a little further) but it still stops at a certain point with that error?
  11. Boss


    With mta:ma, you could just create a script that would start a race on request, tell the players to go to a certain area (by name, not by coordinates, as humans can't figure it ) and keep telling them where to go for the next checkpoint. This would be very limited though, so I suggest you wait for the possiblity of Blue on VC. Time will tell.
  12. This has been quiet for a while (Consider that 5 days have passed ) Again:
  13. A: Paul, double-posting is not allowed in this thread, check the first post of this thread, kthx. Q:So, should Johnline be hanged by his most proeminent testicle?
  14. A: Paul, double-posting is not allowed in this thread, check the first post of this thread, kthx. Q:So, should Johnline be hanged by his most proeminent testicle?
  15. A: ROFFLE McBOFFLE Q:Should Johnline be hanged?
  16. A: ROFFLE McBOFFLE Q:Should Johnline be hanged?
  17. A: gtfo you stupid cunt Q: should the above posters be hanged? Do you think people should answer with "yes" or "aye"?
  18. A: gtfo you stupid cunt Q: should the above posters be hanged? Do you think people should answer with "yes" or "aye"?
  19. He's not porguese, he's brazilian... From what I can translate, he has downloaded the server and has already done the necessary changes to mtaserver.conf but he can't create the server for some reason, so he's asking for step-by-step help.
  20. I had a hard time going through that but let me try... Translation: "8 month yea rush release what's the difference another 4 months passed ougabouga! and you're the one complaining". To the quoted person: I congratulate thee, you have managed what you wanted, gain attention by trolling... Now, obviously you won't tell us, but still, why do you insist on hiding behind an alias? Get out of these forums if you haven't got anything constructive to add.
  21. Despite your good intentions of promoting your server and having proven that you like this mod, creating threads specially for the advertisement of your own server don't really work well... I'd say they actually have the oposite effect. Why don't you try alternatives, like linking your server in your signature, stating what sort of gameplay objectives are involved upon joining?
  22. As others have stated, your personal opinion is fine. However, comming in this thread off-topic and questioning the team's judgement is just pathetic. Also, while some of you may not consider that the mod deserves all the hype it received, that's fine, it's your personal opinion, but creating aliases and comming in here and flaming, that's just retarded. And about the impression given by the pictures and videos, the hype was caused by all the people eagerly awaiting the mod... Certain things gain more fame than what they actually deserve, but it's up to you to to see it for yourself once it is relased and then give your views with arguments. By the way Just get out, you stated your opinion, that's fine, but flaming and trolling on purpose isn't going to do anything, not that you care really, is it? Not to mention this so called "honest criticism" usually comes with arguments, which in your case, are reduced to "ur mod sux lolz gib dm 4 t3h win".
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