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Do you cheat in MTA for Vice City or in MTA for GTA 3???

Do you cheat in MTA for Vice City or MTA for GTA 3???  

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  1. 1. Do you cheat in MTA for Vice City or MTA for GTA 3???

    • yes , i cheat in MTA for Vice City
    • yes ,i cheat in MTA for GTA 3
    • no , i dont cheat because I havnt found an way to do it
    • no ,i dont cheat , and I hope all cheaters burn in hell

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If you dont like the poll , then dont vote in it, some people like me want to know peoples opinions about things , like cheating , I voted last to. If you cheat you ruin other peoples gameplay , only people who cant play MTA normal with out cheats are players that suck. What does it matter if you get killed , it's only an game , cheaters should be reported immediatley , but I sayd this was an anonymous poll , so please sont report people voting for the first option , then noby trusts me anymore.

Xanni Wellando

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I attempt cheating. Sue me.

But I only do it locally or with friends. :)

I haven't had time to mess with v0.2, and I probably wont with my work schedule. But, should I find any big vunerabilties the first people to know would be the MTA team.

Gadfly cheats... he wrote an Auto-F10 presser. Should he burn in hell for releasing it to the public?

...*sigh*, people dont think before they speak anymore...

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People who use the F10 program cheat.

It may not be that glorious of a cheat, it may not give you all the best guns, invunerability and better sex, but nevertheless it is an external program modifying the way MTA was meant to be played - and therefore technically classified as a cheat.

You may have your own definition, but you probably have your own dictionary as well.

And I know I dont want to read it.

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Dude the F10 program is not a cheat. It's not even an exploit. All it does is give you one less thing to do, even thats dumb because the extra thing is pressing a button. If anything its a mod. Even then it does something most people do anyway.

.:EDIT:. Here's my Dictionary, ass. :thefinger:

Main Entry: [1]cheat

Pronunciation: 'chEt

Date: 1590

transitive senses

1 : to deprive of something valuable by the use of deceit or fraud

2 : to influence or lead by deceit, trick, or artifice

3 : to elude or thwart by or as if by outwitting

intransitive senses

1 a : to practice fraud or trickery b : to violate rules dishonestly

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That one less thing to do is an advantage nobody has. Getting back in the game immediately, as well as turning on names right away are automated procedures that are not a part of the game.

If it is a "mod," not everyone has that this unofficial "mod" and people playing with this "mod" are playing against people who dont even know about this "mod." I am sorry, something that messes with a window and hits a button is not a mod.

Like I told you, this is a cheat. Hack. Program that causes unfairness. However little it may seem, it is one. Just becuase it isn't something on a large scale, doesn't make it any more "fair" and any less of a cheat.

I doubt you'll even read this - just look at your image in your profile. "In one ear, and out the other..."

I dont want to try to understand your logic.

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So what if it auto reconnects and automatically shows names. IT DOES NOT CHANGE THE GAMEPLAY AT ALL. It does nothing you wouldn't have done in the first place. I'm sorry I decieved you by having a program that saves me some time. No one would even notice you had the program.

What's with all this "logic" crap too? This is a video game modifacation forum, not an Ivy-League Frat boy discussion group.

Obviously you have no vision or you would have figured out why my sig says "In one ear and out the other" It does not mean I don't listen (or look in this case).

.:EDIT:. http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=4706


So does this mean you also want to cheat? Even wanted to change it a bit so you can actually use it? Was it cool then but a cheat now?

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  • MTA Team

come on guys, doàn't start a fight over this, i do not see how this can be a cheat. It restarts the game, so what. Winblows restarts my computer on regular basis. Am i cheating because i use winblows? And the player names. Some ppl play with them, some without. It changes nothing

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THAT auto F10 presser is not an trainer neither an cheat , you cant cheat in MTA , try typing nuttertools . You cant use trainers , you get suspected trainer ussage . Normal people dont even want to cheat . They play the game fair , some people cheat cuz they think other people cheat.

Sometimes I cheat in singleplayer , and there is still one way to be beaten with an trainer set to unlimited health: an shotgun , the girl in the malibu in singleplayer has an shotgun , if you shoot her , she will shoot you , and even if you have an trainer , you will die , you can also slice soemone using you helicopters rotors.



if you found an way to cheat , contact the MTA devlopement team.

All admins , kick cheaters , if they come back , ban them.

Not all people are cheaters:

1. some are just good , try beeing better , not saying they cheat.

2. maby they are crouching , you cant see that in MTA. shoot at their

legs/feet , try that.

3. maby they ALT TABBED out of the game (e.g. to MSN or check mail)

4. lag , if you chainsaw someone , he sometimes sees you slicing the air 10 foot away from him. Try leading the way with an gun. Aim before him , not at him.

Xanni W.

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I think they should be hung , shot and after that be ran over by an van!!! And then burn in hell , and after that they must listen to ONE WHOLE DAY of useless talk about how easy PHP and Perl and Python is to learn (BBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRIIING). Fat idiots they are , they should receive an ban for 2 years on every server+the forums+ASE!


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THAT auto F10 presser is not an trainer neither an cheat , you cant cheat in MTA , try typing nuttertools . You cant use trainers , you get suspected trainer ussage.

Actually, it is possible to both cheat and use trainers in MTA:VC 0.2, unfortunately.

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F10 fix is not an official announced fix to MTA, by the MTA team. It is a thid party program that is (I am guessing) not backed or warranted in any degree by the MTA team. It is used to gain an unfair advantage - pressing F10 automatically and restarting automatically may be small, but they're still automated and not a part of the original game or any released MTA fix - and can easily be considered a cheat.

I never said I didn't back it - hell, I want to even help the person with ideas / code for the thing. But do I still think it is a cheat? Sure I do. Not everyone has it or requires it, and it helps you - so it can be considered a cheat.

Like I said above, not all cheats require you to have any clear in-game related advantage. Not everyone can be aware of this program as it was not officially included or announced by the MTA team, so in its state it is a cheat as it modifies the way MTA works. If the MTA team were to declare it is not a cheat on their website, and perhaps even provide a download link or mirror it themselves, and was demonstrated to be an optional tool that is legal for use, then it wouldn't be considered a cheat. But, as of now, it can probably be classified as one. Make any sense? I think the developers might understand where I am coming from...

About the post regarding Windows: Windows is an assumed constant amongst players, and it doesn't "restart itself" unless you expressedly tell it to (either through some form of automation, third party program, or selecting Shut Down manually). Since most, if not all MTA users run Windows (heh... i'd like to see it run in Wine :)), it is not considered a cheat since everyone has that (dis)advantage. Even if half the users were Wine'ing it or running under a different platform in which GTA:VC was compiled, it would not be considered a cheat so long as MTA was provided for those platforms. Since MTA would be distributed and probably be cross-playable on these platforms, and unless stated otherwise, it would probably be assumed that operating system choice is not a cheat.

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