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  1. What videocard would it happen to be - Intel Exscream graphics?
  2. Redownload. From the extension it looks like gzip only (gzip -d MTAServer-Linux-0_3_1_tar.gz) but then again it could be tar, as that was stated previously... I dont know Also, your hostname is alpha - what architecture is that server running?
  3. Well, its worst than that - its in the best interest of the PARENTS what the child does, not the CHILD him/herself. I didn't have much of a family, so I had foster homes, and (almost) all of them would try to change me into what they thought was ideal, what I should be. All but one or two families completely abhored the fact that I used the internet and computers and would try to bar me from using either... because why? They didn't have any control over my news-reading? Shi'... Right now I am talking to a person in a similar position, the father thinks he knows all, and always makes himself feel better, does things for the children that he thinks is best... without ever talking to them... doesn't make any sense. Adults these days, stupider than their own kids in most any respect... To the person wanting to hide the game: go buy a PC. And tell your dad for me, he's a complete dipshit. Thanks
  4. True

    MTA:// Handler

    Hey... You may want to change Mozilla Firebird to Firefox now ...being picky...
  5. Its not an "update" problem, its a "not there" problem. Recompile gcc or use redcrap, which the servers were compiled on. Make sure the file is in your path.. ;P I wrote a response to this same question but I dont know where it went..?
  6. Hey, living in a meth town has its merits. ..I think.
  7. True

    Web Servers.

    IIS has a horrible security record. Performance on Apache 2.0+ has increased on Windows platforms due to the removal of POSIX emulation - everything in Apache 2.0+ is natively handled in Windows. Neither is very secure on Windows nor gives you much flexibility. But if I had to run a webserver on a Winblows box, it would most definately be Apache. Configuration for Apache is very plain, and you always know what is going on. IIS, on the other hand, you just have to hope... Need more resourceS? Just ask.
  8. [KFC]KungFuGrip, I have not read the latest EULA as provided by the latest client. I do know that clients before and including v0.2 distributed during a certain timeframe (perhaps even now, as I do not know the status of an applicable EULA with these clients) are unaffected by such ruling as they did not have a clause stating that mods were unallowed with use of the client, nor a clause regarding updates for those versions. And to those such as Ransom, Not only that, but how legally binding would this EULA really be? They could terminate service, sure, by means of some sort of blocks or legally persuing, but that doesn't seem feasable nor economical. Well, perhaps... who knows, creativity can spawn at any moment ;p I am no legal writer and not one to necessarily look for loopholes, which is far from my intent. I just want to state that because someone says something, and because someone wants something, doesn't mean that correct - or at least applicable - steps were taken to prevent it. The latest EULA takes a small stride towards this but I am sure with proper legal knoweldge, if this EULA was valid, some sort of loopholes could be found. It isn't a license to win awards in any respect, thats for sure. Besides...why limit ones creativity? Not to say people should go spamming servers with useless crap, but perhaps a full standalone mod, working seperately from the first one? Its enough said when you have the last word. But..wait..I didn't hear you..what was that again?
  9. ldd -v MTAServer0.3 ...from what I read before it is due to compliation under redhat... I am assuming you're not using that crap? You should have libstdc++, make sure it is in your path, or find /usr/ -name 'libstdc++.so.5' and copy it to where it belongs, probably /usr/lib/gcc-lib/your_cname/gcc_ver/libstdc++.so.5. Recompile gcc if you really dont have it
  10. This should be added to that "most stupidest comments/questions" thread. Damn... nice one, DJ GTA for pulling that out from someone. AHAHA MakeWayForTheBadGuy: I think ya broke it.
  11. Who cares? Its just posts Why isn't it turned off? it never seems to be accurate with all of the manipulation the postcounter goes through...
  12. How is that "stupid?" Sounds rather thought out to me. Although, often, it isn't thought by thoughtful people...just people looking for exuses but that there is stipulation, oh well, from the user base here it would definately make sense because its like saying "We aren't modding MTA because the program itself modded GTAVC", which is pretty stupid. In truth you are adding onto a mod so you're modding a mod. If its their mod, its their rules. Who says? You? Guess that wouldn't be saying much then, would it. Does MTA have explicit authorization from Rockstar to modify their proprietary, commercial product? Even if so, do you realize how many mods/hacks/changes to commercial applications are out there, and how many are, in some cases, illegal? MTA has (almost) no control over what people do with the mod, they just have to have faith that people will want to listen to them. In some countries it is perfectly legal to even go so far as to disassemble and openly reverse engineer in a dirty environment their application. Think before you speak, sir. It holds irrelevent merit, its a stupid defense and thats that nuff said It is a "stupid" defense? Sounds like you put a lot of thought into that one. Damn, why argue with a child? I'll tell you why - its a damn good laugh... ahaha
  13. True


    Nah, not spam... it really has meaning. Nice to see people are investigating It shows that I really can have somewhat elevated expectations of forumers, or..at least that to a select few... Thanks El Burro: I am not confused by your confusion; rather, I am simply confused as to why this confusion continues..confusing?
  14. I am a computer technician and network specialist working in the Pacific Northwest of USA. I spend my time reading the Inq' and computer news as well as wardriving... oh yeah, that and depressing people. Gotta do that. rebel, re: "lock the forum" - you're not alone. Look around.. Damned close-minded bhabalkjdsaf....
  15. How is that "stupid?" Sounds rather thought out to me. Although, often, it isn't thought by thoughtful people...just people looking for exuses but that there is stipulation, oh well, from the user base here it would definately make sense
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