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Show me your Desktop !


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there ya goes ;D

i know, lots of icons...

my dad told me that i shouldnt remove them because those programs could come in handy, but i wasnt allowed to click them either LOL, now im to lazy to remove em.

lots of the LAN remains too

- Dawn of war (illegal)

- Winter Assault (illegal)

- Battlefield 1942+2142 (copied xD)

and well lots of others :P

oh and the background is not really meant to be negative or anything, its just a music label i like very much(together with enzyme and industrial strength ;))

click on it to view full size

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Same wallpaper but different color - cool idea! Have to do something like that.. I'll (finally) post mine's when i get back home.

Why your image is scaled down (even after enlarging)?

I don't know, Photobucket messed it up :( but my desktop is relatively empty so there isn't much to read! The smaller image should suffice.

EDIT: Fixed WallMart's image.

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The right monitor is my main monitor. I have taskbars on both screens though using Ultramon. Ultramon also puts both images together to form the dual-wallpaper desktop.

The left is the "most important picture ever taken", it is not a fake picture. It is a "ultra deep field" picture of the universe by the Hubble telescope showing nearly 3,000 galaxies. There are only a few stars from the Milky Way galaxy (ours) in the picture, to give you an idea of how deeply focused it is. It has been dubbed "the most important picture ever taken". Indeed, it is fun to stare at... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hubble_Deep_Field

The other picture is artwork and can be found on google as: A_Dark_Starry_Night_Wallpaper_by_s3vendays

Overall, a humbling reminder of how small we are. p.s. they are usually covered with icons so I just used the wallpaper and photoshop :P

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