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  1. I've heard that for the later versions of GTA:SA, the .exe is encrypted (due to the Hot Coffee mod) and therefore is harder to hack into, which is needed for MTA:DM to do all its fancy things. My guess.
  2. KillFrenzy

    Nitro Bug?

    This is a part of GTA, and MTA follows that. So it's not a bug, but a 'feature' of GTA.
  3. If someones good enough, they now can write an AI in LUA But anyways, this is indeed extremely useful for like RPG, or Zombie modes.
  4. Actually, SA:MP refreshes when you click on the server and when the server is selected. I guess it could be useful in a way.
  5. According to this... http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?f= ... 7f#p235834 Those type of helicopter driveby's won't be in for a while... although yes, you can glue to the player to helicopter in the right positions.
  6. The "What display and resoulution do you want to use" is a part of GTASA's handling of dual monitors. To change your resolution for a single display, get into single player and change the resolution in the options.
  7. function createBankAccount ( player, commandName, playname ) cash = getPlayerMoney ( player ) -- infofile = xmlCreateFile ( "playname.xml", "info" ) -- create the file "playname.xml" which looks like "" banknode = xmlCreateSubNode ( infofile, "bank" ) -- add a subnode , now we got "" xmlNodeSetValue ( banknode, 0 ) -- change the value, "0" xmlSaveFile ( infofile ) -- save the file xmlUnloadFile( infofile ) -- unload it after use outputChatBox ("BANK SOON ?") end addCommandHandler ("cba", createBankAccount ) Does the work?
  8. It doesn't work properly for any bikes or helicopters from my testing. All the other vehicles work fine. I think it's got to do with GTA, not MTA.
  9. Well, some camera functions and spectating is available via scripting. It would be scriptable though.
  10. Were you using a pistol, tec9, or mac10? The other weapons seem to work fine. There is hardly any lag as well, my ping being 60 and his ping being 1.
  11. try this: triggerClientEvent ( source, "updateStats", root )
  12. I was thinking of adding some kind of optional boolean argument whether to make it appear when the blip is only within range of the radar or not, for that certain blip. Although I will be using the "onClientElementStreamIn" and the "onClientElementStreamOut" once they're in. They seem more efficient for my purpose.
  13. I would change the process priority to high if it were possible. That should reduce the effects of the problem, but then would cause the rest of your computer to lag. Can MTA set the process priority to high when in focus, or set to low when not in focus? I guess it may resolve it.
  14. Well, that looks like a more proper workaround there. I might try that.
  15. I've checked the wiki. As far as I know it doesn't have a function to set it. So do I have to keep looping, checking the distance of 500+ blips continuously? That doesn't look too good on the CPU usage. Can you point out to me what other ways? Don't just say it's scriptable. I'd like this blip feature implemented. If it is already, let me know.
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