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  1. So far i really like it. The handling is way better than in GTA IV and feels fluent and responsive. The gunplay though is a little dissappointing so far, guns are almost recoilless and overal feels like i'm playing watchdogs again (which isn't bad, but it's really nothing special) The fact that i've been playing arma 3 a lot lately is probably also a reason why guns don't feel right to me. Might change ofcourse if given some more time.
  2. I just tried hosting a dedicated server after i finally got around to learning how to forward ports. Now i can enter the server just fine, but the resources won't download. I didnt change any settings on the server and opened just port 22003 (the default port) am i missing a port, or something else?
  3. okay, can someone help me with this script? it's the first one i have written myself, obviously it doesnt work i wanted to make a script, that when players press the R key their car will be completely repaired. function playerPressedKey (r, press) local theVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( thePlayer ) if (press) then setElementHealth (theVehicle, getElementHealth(theVehicle) + 100) end end addEventHandler ("setElementHealth", root, getPedOccupiedVehicle) it's nice if anyone could fix the code, it would be even better with explanation ( and tell me if i really fucked up, i just want to learn )
  4. also, while i'm at it anyway. how do i call current vehicle? would that be currentVehicle or playerVehicle or something? sorry for the noobish questions but just started out
  5. A: GTA, definitely. Q: What kind of players are bigger douchebags, LoL Players or CoD players?
  6. facebook event aanmaken, op openbaar zetten en iedereen uitnodigen. succes gegarandeerd!
  7. whehe, tof om te zien dat dit topic nog steeds actief is! je hebt te veel MTA gespeeld als je niet kan slapen en je je bedenkt of je misschien bent vergeten te disconnecten.
  8. okay guys, it works now as it should! but still i'd like to see some tutorials. so if anyone knows about them, send em over!
  9. it still says that it contains illegal characters. but as i said, i took this literally from an official tutorial of the mta wiki and it stated that it should work with those lines of code. so if you an updated tutorial i would be grateful
  10. Hi guys. Back after a long time of in-activity on MTA, i decided i wanted to learn to script in Lua. However the tutorials i found are a bit outdated, since the scripts ( i literally copied them, just to try it out ) don't work anymore. If anyone could link me to any tutorial on lua that works with the current MTA, that would be nice. Greets, WallMart EDIT: i figured i should post the code too, maybe i did something horribly wrong. local spawnX, spawnY, spawnZ = 1959.55, -1714.46, 10 function joinHandler() spawnPlayer(source, spawnX, spawnY, spawnZ) fadeCamera(source, true) setCameraTarget(source, source) outputChatBox("Welcome to My Server", source) end addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), joinHandler)
  11. famished angolan kids eat much african nuggets. D.U.D.E
  12. random retarded screenshot resized to be in my signature. you decide if its funny.
  13. The problem of diesel effect can be handled smartly by keeping a regular check on the adjustment and operation of circuit protection devices. As the saying goes that a stitch in time saves nine, the faults in a hydraulic machine, or any other machine for that matter, if identified beforehand can save a great deal in terms of money, time and efforts. oh yea, doing my homework
  14. heb je gekeken in welke mode de DD maps staan in de mapmaker? ook moet je de gamemode op je server handmatig veranderen dus dat kan ook het probleempje zijn.
  15. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_hGcT2AIJg4k/S ... 0/462a.jpg
  16. tried out with clean install, still doesn't work.
  17. seems not to work, still blackscreen.
  18. how strange that one of your avatars does load and another doesn't. but now on topic (in how far a blast topic can be on topic anyway lols) grats on 5k posts (which is actually 6k, i heard bout the great post-down-the-drain-flush)
  19. Hey guys, i was so excited about MTA 1.1, but since i installed it, the server doesn't work anymore. it gives me a shitload of errors saying it can't find resources(while i didn't change anything at all) and logging in the server just gives me a black screen but nothing more. I'm not sure what to do, anyone else has had this problem yet? i was a bit disappointed when this happened, i read the message around 1 AM so i wanted to install and test it immediateley. oh well, i hope someone can help me greets, WallMart
  20. Im niet met behulp van een vertaler, ik ben engels im echt niet zo goed bij Nederlandse het is ook niet de bedoeling dat mensen van een andere taal gaan antwoorden op het nederlandse subforum, die zijn niet voor niets aangemaakt. nederlands praten wij hier, op de rest van het forum engels.
  21. saw it just on twitter! really awesome guys, i didn't have time/mood to regularly checkout mta but i will do for sure in the future good job on mta 1.1, a milestone i can say for sure!
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