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  1. It is in an Alpha state still but it does have that MTA feel with LUA and all that, it will also include a Map Editor longer down the road after what I have read around on those forums. However the handling of the vehicles in that game still sucks though
  2. SirTerning

    1.4 Beta Release

    Finally I could check out the Norwegian translation ''live'', fixed a bunch of cases where one letter was missing, strangely spelled sentences and other odd stuff. The client based stuff that is as I cant find a way to get the Norwegian version of the installer. However I still have to edit the main menu buttons to get rid of the red outline (Ghosting fix) as it is present, will have that fixed later today/tomorrow. A little sidenote... I don't see it necessary to have it named 'Norwegian Bokmål' when we don't have a 'Norwegian Nynorsk' translation, so just naming it 'Norwegian' would be nice. EDIT: Done fixing up the Norwegian translation now.
  3. BTTTLG *Bring this topic to life again* The desktop from my school laptop
  4. I personally like that loading screen But it looks more like a new Home screen wallpaper (In the home menu of mta)
  5. Voted for the third. Counter-Strike and MTA have almost identical server browser's, they work the same way. And a random system would only have been irritating...
  6. Zionnomonus killed Ransom (Divided by zero)
  7. Dude have you ever been to a hardstyle event? Ghee, I've been on some and they are sick.. As a DJ/Producer myself in the hardstyle genre, I don't think that it's "cool" to listen to hardstyle or produce it. Hardcore is really much the same as hardstyle, only thing is that it got a different bass-line and a higher BPM (Hardstyle runs at 150-160 and Hardcore are all around 180-220). Maybe my fact's is wrong but that's what I've learned trough out producing and dj'ing at different parties. Don't get me wrong, I like hardcore but there is something with that genre I personally don't like .
  8. A: Balls of steeeeeeeeellll Q: Duke nukem pwnz all?
  9. Ok, i will just add the cords for the fun of it I will have it done today or early tomorrow.
  10. I can get the coords and markers for were the gas stations are
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