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  1. link down atm, will fix later when i cba
  2. link down atm, will fix later when i cba
  3. Hey Enjoy this package! http://www.alienxservers.co.uk/races.rar
  4. its not exactly hard for the guys to take their .ico from the installer and shove it in their home directory of the website and call it favicon.ico - easy as that
  5. AlienX

    Mounted weapon?

    Looking at the SCM for this mission seems that the minigun object is deleted, players camera is changed, player is given a minigun with inf ammo and a new crosshair is put on - so you are just shooting a minigun on the roof, your not acctually using that mounted gun at all.
  6. Line 158 - ircMessage ( pIRC, "nickserv", "identify hellobaboon" ) hellobaboon is the current password, change it there
  7. bump ftw But na - i have a server in london capiable of broadcasting to alot of listeners, but i just dont have the time any more
  8. Hello I've created a resource that automatically creates user accounts based on their serial numbers. feel free to use it to your liking (RPG servers etc etc etc) XML.lua is a very very handy module which will help alot when using XML files anywhere! Download Click Here
  9. Hello chaps and chapesses. Just thought i would release my version of vrockers IRC Echo LUA files that are shipped with his IRC Echo module. Here is a rundown of what it can do: IRC Commands !players - returns a very detailed list of all players in the server via IRC PM !getPlayer - returns a very detailed message of the player given (ping, etc, etc) !resource - gives the IRC Admin the ability to start, stop and restart resources from within IRC !kick - kicks the specified player !ban - bans the specified player (IP Ban) !banserial - bans the specified player via Serial Number !say - broadcasts a chat message into the server !refresh - refreshes the bot by hopping the channel (refreshing the users privs within the IRC channel) Other Things Automatic channel rejoin on admin join detection. (names to be changed within the ircecho resource, top most table) Automatic notification and rejoin when the module looses connection with the server Things to note when using this module You must run each resource in this sequence: <resource src="ircecho" startup="true"/> <resource src="ircechocore" startup="true"/> Download: Click here Enjoy.
  10. u can script that in the LUA file.
  11. not gonna happen as im not part of the MTA Team any more
  12. Correct, in theory you are using more HDD space using ZIP's than acctually using a folder - but its not much
  13. I think that if ur trying to download alot of files, the MTA client just gets confused and causes a timeout
  14. #1 - simpaly no - MTA does not support controllers #2 - Yes, this is simple: start GTA like normal (single player way), and goto options, change ur controller type back to Mouse and Keyboard and ur able to configure ur mouse to not be inverted in mouse settings. exit the game, go back to MTA and everything should be fine. Sometimes the mouse does not hook into the game, and your not able to move your camera once in game - to fix this just hold ALT and press Tab, then left click. Hope this helps.
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