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MTA 0.3

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The next release of MTA is scheduled for next week (week 12 of 2003) and will include following features:

*choice for 2, 10 or 30 players

*A wide variety of vehicles to choose from

*All Seeing Eye server browser

*Chat with your gang using our ingame chat system


It MAY support following gametypes:

*Capture The Car


*Team Deathmatch

*Liberty City Survivor (last man standing)

*Freeze Tag (name could be changing)

CTC screenie:


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"All Seeing Eye server browser "

It's a Server Browser like Gamespy,

but much better! Faster, with more

options and better timings...

And it's free :-D...

I couldn't say it any better Trunkstom

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But what is this

"Freeze Tag" Modus ??

Maybe it's like 'Scarecrow Tag', i.e. whenever the one that's 'It' tags someone, they can't move until someone else tags them.

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you say it MAY contain the other game modes, no problem i can wait

but will i be able to ram the S**T outta my m8s in 0.3?

and you say the option for 30 players, any idea on the bandwidth the game will use? ie are we gonna have to borrow the pentagons net connection to host 30?

Great job on 0.2a

its like having everything you've allways wanted, but not being able to touch it (ie bash into other ppl :D)

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hmm - i dont really want to see your penis personally

The whole past msgs on forum thing is kinda stupid imo. Im not going to say how many msgs i had on shockrealm, those who were on there know where i was in the shockrealm rankings and know that if anyone was going to post their previous number of forum posts it would be me =)

back on topic, 0.3a is going to rock!

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I noticed others have added it to their sigs, I thought it was kinda funny saying "Formally with 41 Posts" but obviously you have a different opinion. I didn't mean to affend anyone by having it there..... its removed now.

Its a shame the site is working on/off right now, everything is taking 3 times longer than normal, I have to refresh about 10 times before the page displays :S

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Yo Xerox, to what version do you think MTA will be complete, i know even tho 0.3a is coming out, it's still failry alpha version. I can't wait to see the finished product in a few months, you guys should think about showing off at GBA next year (if thats what its called)

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has anybody got any ideas on how horrbile .03 will work on ARG 56k? .02 lagged, but not really anymore so than anyone else.. i mean people with lan and broadband were complaining about the cars skippping.. so ya.. damn 56k to internet hell. also: 2, 10, or 30? none inbetween? if i had 15 friends that i wanted to play, we would have to invite 15 strangers???? neway sounds great no matter what. I CANT WAIT!!!!!!

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Q. In 0.3 i can shoot and kill other players or it will crash GTA like in 0.2 ?

Can we to complete the missions together?

In Team DM can we together sit in one car?

... so... this sounds foolishly ... but I want to know this =)

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