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  1. Thanks. Thats just what i need to cheer my day up lol jk
  2. Wholy crud man. I am the biggest nub ever. My most sincere appologizes to those i called nubs I thought u meant spray and pray, like shooting with out aiming omg I should be shot for this really...i am sorry to all of u for my stupidity
  3. sounds good to me, but i think that, like in CS, others will make maps, and they will be added.
  4. Personally, I would work harder on an in-game list instead of gamespy or ASE.
  5. I think that this game has the complete potential to be the best game of all time. I think the comunity is going to be big. Very Very big. A couple things that I think are key are: 1.) New, professional maps. Smaller 2.) Classic missions (CTF, assassination, deathmatch, team deathmatch, and mayb hosties.) 3.) Some form of score keeping, and of course... 4.) A match league and gametype
  6. man stfu its people like you that make me click twice to get to the msg board... If you make a new topic, make a valid point, share an idea, but dont just be dumb plz...k thanks
  7. I am 16. I know u dont care but....if you know a computer language, today at least, most people that learn them are under 25. Genereally under 18. Mainly because if you havent learned them by then, they become a waste of time to you. I mean....if you are 30, and have a steady carear, learning a programing language would be almost a complete waste of time.
  8. I use netscape 24/7. But today, for some crazy reason, I opened up IE, and it gave me this error when i tried to load the news... MY guess is that it is client side.
  9. /kill Nubfaces you vote by registring with the boards, and then just pick 1, and click vote
  10. Yet again, being deprived of my admin powers, useful bandwidth is being used to view this post
  11. yes i do...also...that msg that i had above....didnt come out how it was supposed to...i think it was supposed to say: For some crazy footage And yes, I am the proud driver of a completly stock White 2001 Cavalier 5 speed (if you count reverse ....6 speed).
  12. For making movies, I consider fraps to be the best becuase it gives you the raw video footage, at the res u recorded it at. No codec or anything like that, so makeing VCD's and other stuff is simple. Although it does cost u hd sapce, I think it is worth it(then again I have two 120 gig HD's. Also, I have no trouble with my image quality.
  13. TheBigJ

    russian famaly

    Just a personal Opinion. Admins...if you find it in your heart not to limit my freedom of speach, I would apreciate it. Since you seem to be limiting this gang (or clan) to Russians, I think that you brought prejuduces into play so here it goes. Get a [censored] stable government. (not saying that the Current US administration is great, but the system works). Then worry about computer games.
  14. What he said... If your not busy hit up http://www.thematrix.com fscf ooro rmao ezt ya g e If you didnt get that...pm me
  15. Fraps records the entire game, you just have to drop the res to the minimum requirements.
  16. No, No, No, No, and No again Lets start out by looking at this history of some games: 1.) counter-Strike Admin mod. Isnt it fun when the admin does ad,min-teleport, and goes right behind u and shoots you. Isnt it fun to Run arround as a chicken? NO 2.) Admins that abuse their power, ruin it for the server. I would hope that the makers have enough responsibility to not allow something stupid to ruin their game. Yeah, it would be fun if you were admin, but for the other 31 people in there server, i think it would be annoying.
  17. Dont bother trying to get it to work..Isnt that fun. Take my word for it...it works I know im gonna get flamed for saying it isnt that fun...but i mean...common...any game where as it takes several attempts to connect...and then crashes in 10 min, aint that fun!
  18. 1.) 56ker's were left in the dust about 5 years ago (id say when HL came out). 2.) This game probably will use an ass load of bandwidth, but i think the primary limiter is going to be the computer Hosting and the computers runnning the game.
  19. Well just so u know, If i was an admin, I would not answer this and i would lock the topic...but the team (for some undisclosed reason) does not ive me admin so.... 1.) Yes. The current version of MTA (0.2a) makes the PC version of GTA3 2 player (over the internet). 2.) Im confused by what u mean when u say officially, but it is not made by RockStar 3.) The current release is working, but as previously stated, only two people can play, and it crashes often. Hope I helped
  20. why not ask them if they would have a problem with it to help cover server charges
  21. I dont know why (considering the arrogance in the last post) but it was sooo funny...i dont know why
  22. I say we just get rid of the whole post level thing
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