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  1. All I can say is: it would be tight if mta hacked gta:4 engine because it would work will all subsequent games released in that engine thereafter, however GTA4 mp has ped/traffic syncing? mta needs to learn from this... however my opinion may be dated.
  2. ahhh, much thanks!, peace
  3. Hey, sorry for the n00b questions but its been awhile.... the last MTA i played was like .03b or something... anyway is tehre some kind of universal read me out there? I tried google / mta home page / searching forums and I cant figure out how to do the following: -chat in game (why is this impossible to figure out?)
  4. This might have been suggested already but i havent seen it around yet and I havent been to these forum in hellla long, but anyway i think MTA should be made for the psp version. For those of you who are non-psp familiar, the psp has a built-in web browser / internet connection. Also GTA:LCS has a trainer made for it already... that runs on the psp, since psp is so hackable and because mta is in c++ it's probably portable. it would be sick to play mta on lcs portably! okay i kno this is far fetched and would give the mta team another head ache of hacking the psp but shit that would rule. )>-Gtatari-<(
  5. My first memory was trying over and over trying to sync in gta3 0.2b by getting into the two cars, then after mastering it playing with MousePad for two hours at the airport
  6. I definitely think R* is going to move towards multiplayer in their next step. Look how they played around with multiplayer in SA, now imagine that on a whole other level. They've been thinking about making gta multiplayer since gta3, with the hidden Multiplayer menus. (okay, the THREE D gta's, multiplayer) And since GTA:SA's game engine was basically just a rehash of vice cities with some improvements, it would have been hard for R* to implement net play in SA. They would encounter the same pitfalls that MTA has overcome, even though they would have the source. I think, GTA's next installment will have a new or redone engine, something to compete with HL2's engine, and the game will have multiplayer support although still be a initially a single player game, like half-life... it’s a good single player game but also a great online game too... San Andreas was predictable in GTA1 the game came with 3 maps, Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas, after the announcement of Vice City, a pattern became obvious, and one day, I typed http://www.gtasanandreas.com and it took me R*'s official site.. My point is, is, now that R* has made a game for each of its original Cities, what’s next? The gta2 city didn’t have a name, as I remember, so then what’s next? Something big, something unexpected, something fresh. I noticed that GTA:SA lost popularity rather quickly. Most of my friends were over it, stores stopped displaying it... and I was the first in line for it at my local game store... something's wrong if people aren’t camping out.. or at least getting there earlier than I. Anyway, hate it or love it, that’s my 2 cents GTAtari
  7. Yeah I always used to wonder about that, since on the old school MTA website (think: waiting for mta 0.3) you said that MTA used that left over code. OT: MistaC: we need to try to implement Operation Autohidzation again! )>-GTAtari-<(
  8. A: w00t isnt really a question, so I'll answer what came before it: the USA will stop producing fatties when all food exucutives die from eating their own product Q: Why do cheeto's kick ass?
  9. A: I love beef vegetarians get -5000 points Q: Burger King, or Carls Jr beef?
  10. That's a pretty interesting article; I found it very entertaining during the class I read it in. My question is: a part of it talks about running code as if it was originally in the exe. Does the client just modify the exe once as its loaded into ram, or does it persistently have to change the games memory to keep the effect of the program running code that was never there? I've known about this technique, but as I've never written a mod my self, I find it an interesting concept. Also, I was playing gta mta 0.5, and realized that I had forgotten how much MTA kicks ass, and want to thank and congratulate everyone on the mta team for sticking and working together on an astonishing mod. )>-GTAtari-<(
  11. It's not a fighting game. It's a GTA game, which involves weapons. In single player do you get out of the car and shoot every pedestrian to avoid car killing them, because you're anit car-killing? In MTA, the only difference is the pedestrians aren't AI, they are RI (real intelligence) they (sometimes) also know how to DODGE A CAR. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I'm here to play GTA with other living people, NOT to play a gun-fighting game. Otherwise I could play CS, DOD, and the like.., however, a good fire-fight can be fun, even if you or your opponent get run over. )>-GTAtari-<(
  12. Every time someone is like "OMG I have like the bestest ideaz ever for blue!!!1" people reply saying that "Dude, n00b, you will be able to program that mod yourself, yes blue is that powerful" (slight exageration on both parts) My question is, if everyone is making their own mods, wont blue will be a mess of incompatiblity? There should be some kind of universal package installer, where all these hand coded mods are stored in some kind of database so players won't have to install 22,895,124 mods for each server. Or maybe blue should be updated everytime 50 or so mods have been submitted... or the blue client can have something that runs in the background and notifies players when new mods are available to dl? (like antivirus software automatically downloads new virus identities) Something to think about. )>-GTAtari-<(
  13. I don't hate car killers at all. This is multi player grand theft auto. If you want a guns only game, go play UT, HL, CS, Rainbow 6, etc, pussy`s are afraid of cars, in a game where car killing is natural. this isnt "Run around in a big deserted city killing each other with no cars in site - the game", nope, its not, its Multiplayer Grand Theft Auto. If you have a problem with car killing, maybe you shouldnt be playing MTA, and find some other game. GTA is all about having unfair advantages, killing sprees, and not caring for anyone else.. (in 1 player it definatly is) And if you're gta runs at 5fps, I don't think you have bigger problems than car killers. Also, the idea for a sepcial game mode / different server type sounds interesting. )>-GTAtari-<(
  14. What was ocre's joke? They reskinned their site to be EA themed, and they posted a news article that EA had bought them out, and that it would be EARemix. they also said EA anounced that they were making "EA Sports Duck Hunt 2005", and to celebrate donated two duck hunt remixes. then a few hours later, the posted a cease and desist letter from EA's lawyers. (that wasn't part of the joke, they really got it for misrepresenting EA)
  15. [FLAME] LOL ROFL GUY THATS THE LAMEST WORK OF PHOTOSHOP I'VE EVER SEEN!!! [/FLAME] Are we even sure its pshop, and not paint? Anyway I've actually had the idea for downtown for awhile (not called downtown obviously) but yeah when I get my 3d engine finished.. maybe.. just maybe (this is NOT a apr 1 joke). But yeah MTA you had me for a few seconds, until I remembered that I had already be fooled by http://www.ocremix.org (which are now in legal trouble for their joke apparently) Good one guys. )>-GTAtari-<(
  16. That would be cool, but every program you run that accesses the internet will cause more mta-lag... I cant run AIM or Yahoo Messenger in the background while mta is up, or Ill get kicked from a server for too high of ping.. and I have calbe! However, if someone wants to, somebody could start their own mta ShoutCast radio, that players could connect to before they start playing, and have it running in the background (this is already possible, look up shoutcast) but again, it would cause lag... )>-GTAtari-<(
  17. What is so good about 3r2? .. isn't it unstable and such compared to 5? What makes it so great? I was never able to play 3, because it didn't work on my pc (after the long long hype ) then I forgot about mta , and stumbled up 0.4... and was greatly impressed with 0.5.. so what makes 3 so much better? )>-GTAtari-<(
  18. It should be reconsidered, using this technology! http://www.snpx.com/Images/computerbomb.jpg Worst BS i have ever read. Wrong on so many levels. Though, Hilarious. Theres some other tabliod artical I saw: "Talking French Fry Saves Womans Life", I was cracking up in the check-out isle. )>-GTAtari-<(
  19. Thats why your first accound is free, and renewing a suspended account cost $$.. so noone would dare cheat. Btw, I understand the wrongfully banned part, but I described was around that, and I'm sure there are more. They'll run out of their momma's lunch money sooner or later. All computers have a unique serial OR mac addres (its a physical hardware address) that would be kind of hard to change, the mta client can keep track of these in a database.. (or even encrypted in a hidden file on the users comptuer) even if its a different ip, different account name, and different email, they can't change their computers ID! (unless they keep buying new network cards) )>-GTAtari-<(
  20. Yeah that would be pretty cool, and easy to do in blue. And you could have the exact phrase syncd, if you number tommy's insults, when a player presses the taunt key, it ranomizes a number, and sends it to all the other clients (thru the server obviously) and sounds can be positioned in 3d via DirectSound. That would be fun, actually )>-GTAtari-<(
  21. Gtatari

    MTA Cafe

    I was thinking of a totally new map, but the Ocean Beach Hotel sounds cool too
  22. Gtatari

    MTA Cafe

    This is an idea for a game I've had for awhile, perhaps I'll implement it in a game I write with my engine I'm working on, in the future, till now, it's an mta idea. You have the option of connecting to a mta lobby / cafe / mezzanine thingy, where other, un-armed players can chat, and there are different doors and portals, that warp you to the servers they represent. So in otherwords, its a virtual server listing, in like some (new) map, where ppl can meet and then choose to join a server as a group, and when you walk into one of theese portals, you disconnect from the public and warp to the server you chose. Maybe it should be a hotel, and if you walk into a room with fellow players, your chat comments are bounded by the walls of the room (so only the ppl in the same room as you can see your comments) this would be pretty sweet for planning things out, and having private conversations "Get a room!" I think this would be a pretty neat innovation for games in general, and for mta... now to figure out a away past that dumb 32 player limit... hmm, well It could just show the 32 most recent players when you connect.. well something to think about edit: I thot of a way around the 32 player system, that could get up to like 128 ppl at once, however it woulnt be practile for game play, just lobby. its simple: multitasking! each of the 32 models counts for four players connected, it just rotates between them... of course this would have a flickering problem.. but hey, they aren't ppl they are holographs! another idea would to just draw the models via DirectX, because blue will support that.. so unlimited players in the lobby! of course lag would still be an issue, but since it isnt actual game play I'm sure that could be minimized. )>-GTAtari-<(
  23. Here's an idea: All accounts are free, BUT, if an account has been suspended due to proven cheating, one must pay FIVE, yes FIVE dollars to play again.. So no one has to worry about paying becaues its free to sign up and play, but if you wan't to save yourself money, you won't cheat in the first place.. and if you are an honest player, you don't even have to think about paying to get your account back. To prove someone is cheating, the mta client can perform a harddrive scan for all the files associate with trainers, it can do a ram scan for resident memory modifiers, accessing within gta's ram (okay, that ones tricky I know) and if they receive enough cheat-points. Each time someone is in a server, someone can type "cheat playername" and it will tally their cheat report (if they are cheating, and blue should be stable enough that cheating won't be mistaken for glitches) BUT to prevent abuse of this cheat report system, anyone who has purposly lied, will be penalized by a $20 account re-enabling. (of course the $20 isnt demanded, the account holder simply doesn't get to play!) Finally, to prevent multiple accounts, the following must be put into order: 1) IP Checking 2) Dupe email checking 3) a EULA before you sign up, that states if one makes multiple accounts, they are breaking the agreement, and can be fined accordingly ($10 per extra account) tho, this is the most unlikely, because I doubt MTA wants that kind of trouble, but hey, it would work 4) Carefull monitoring With these simple additions, people will be more than glad to NOT cheat. Think about it. )>-GTAtari-<(
  24. 25 years ago people were still homebrewing WAN's, and dialing up local networks; I have a collection of GEOS Software, still boxed, with instructions, and it talks about "Q-link" the wide-area-network for Commodore 128! Its fun, and dated 1985! thats only 20 years ago,... I love historic software and video games. But the future is definatly uncertain, soon we we'll envy the people who have T3s going to their houses while we are stuck with our measly broadband, god forbid we have dial-up. I think mta should be v1.0 before something like this be implemented. For what its worth, thats my two cents. (probably worth less than $0.02) )>-GTAtari-<(
  25. It should be reconsidered, using this technology! http://www.snpx.com/Images/computerbomb.jpg On a technicallity note: if the client side tracks damage, then the mta client should also be able to determine if your paused, and it should also know your X-Y-Z Coordinates.. so if an enemy shoots your direction whilst paused, the mta client could calculate collision detection rather than relying on gta... )>-GTAtari-<(
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