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My first video


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loved it!

it's quite refreshing that it's NOT a stuntmovie for once, though i shouldnt be someone who should say that ;-p

sure, nothing in it was really hard or spectacular, but the compilation and music was very nice and it's very original. just a wellmade movie which i really enjoyed watching. i'd give it a 8,5/10

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Scurvy the host u used to host the vid was that DJ guys right? u DJ can i use that host or whatever to host my vid...jadesmonkeys or whatever....plz, anyways back on topic i give that vid 8.5/10, very different from others i really enjoyed it. :)

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"Sorry, the page you are looking for could not be found." and more "Obviously you mistyped the URL, possibly because you are in a drunken stupour decreasing your already limited ability to type accurately. Perhaps one of your many cats ran across your keyboard in an incident we're certain you'll relate to your friends who will likely roll their eyes at your stupid, boring cat related stories. Whatever the case, the page you are looking for doesn't exist...if you haven't yet passed out or run off crying to your many ugly cats...or if you really did just get the url wrong, head back to the main page and perhaps you can find what you were looking for there!"

I can't dl it :(

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