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  1. I sent it to rockstar and they sent it back. I need to send 7.50 for a new disk so im doing that today.
  2. I am offically leaveing the comunity as of today. I have broken my GTA VC disk beyond repair. I am sending it in to rockstar in hope that they will send me a new one. As of right now I have nothing. I am sad to go but hopefully I will be returning. Goodbye everyone, I shall miss you -Hunter
  3. O wow, I didn't know I hade so many fans. O.K, ill get started right away (leaves to get tons of coffie)
  4. I have been gone for a long time now and I want to announce that im gonna be working on a new stunt video. Most likley moded but not the cars. Nice to see ya again MTA!
  5. O yah. I loved that movie. I might still have it. ill get back to you on that
  6. yea, I had this happen to me a lot of times.
  7. There is nom mode for the flying car thing. I just put the mass of the sabre turbo as 4.4 (I think) It is something like that. It is hkinda hard to get in but once you do it tryies to fly away. WARNING: If you do put in the code COMEFLYWITHME when in the car, you will be thrown out of the game and it will freeze. Its cool though. O ya, the thing in the sky is my web site I made for school. Not for school but for kids from school. It has very limited visitors befor it shuts down and I forgot to get rid of the site name. Im thinking of makeing a site just for GTA The site huntermta.tripod.com Has some good music and some of my vids but since the change of TGA the links might not work.
  8. im working on it It won't let me upload it, I don't know Y
  9. This took me a little while to make because I stoped half way threw. I had to change somethings and add some more. There is really no story. More like a guidline. A guy finds an alien car and it does wierd things. Watch the movie and hopefully it will make some sense. http://www.thegamersalliance.com/php/mo ... ens_attack
  10. TGA is having problems again. I have the same problem
  11. I liked it. Reminded me of sonic between the music and fast action
  12. It will be much better next time. This was really only a test. I'm gonna put in what ever is on the boards.
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