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  1. just checkin one more time, hunter did you have it?
  2. i'm pretty sure its not there, unless it got renamed somehow.
  3. i made a vice city movie awhile back and posted it here, i'm wondering if ANYONE might still have it because i lost it. It was just bullshit stunts and stuff set to a pennywise song, called punch drunk. i think the title of the file was punch drunk. if anyone has it please let me know.
  4. i dunno i always aim for the person themselves.. and they die
  5. i have the newest ones, but i've tried older ones.. same thing
  6. no i always keep frame limiter on... my graphics card is a geforce 4 ti4400 so i dunno why i have this prob.
  7. but the frame rate doesnt slow down.. it just feels like i'm going like 10 mph... aRGHH hard to explain
  8. my prob is when i get up to high speeds in cars it slows down like i'm goin 20mph... the car revs real high and i know i'm really going fast but it just goes slow. i dont mean the frames per second. its a constant 30 but the scenery just goes by real slow when i go FAST. it doesnt happen on bikes though...........
  9. anyone know where to get a randomiser for the mp3 station that works with mta? thanks
  10. yea it should randomly spawn, maybe 2 so you could have duels
  11. yea its more fighting now in teams, which is fun, but they need to add some stuff, like team scoreboards and icons above your teammates. it will only get better. it would be nice to have a score limit also so one team can 'win'
  12. seems to be crashing a lot more than .1 and every server i been on eveyone gets disconnected periodicly.
  13. those texture rock, is that a new hi-def pack?
  14. if you want to see a real vid watch mine or anyone elses.
  15. scurvy

    How to jack

    get a panda suit, turn yourself on with some butter, rub one one out..
  16. so what its boring, and the video quality is terrible, anyways fuck gran turismo. this is gta
  17. well it doesnt say what our ping is in game but my pings start at about 30 and go up, in all seeing eye
  18. watched that video for 4 seconds. yawn
  19. but really, nobody cares about drifting.. this isnt gran turismo
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