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  1. parker


    well there gonna have to not cheat if they expect to enter any of our tournaments EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but in agreement with you Death i dont think i want the useless TURDS in our tournaments they should make there own TBL:-TRAINER BOYZ LEAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. parker


    Right then you guys at VCK, VCP and VCA i say we get our little tournament underway thats going on at the moment get it out the way and see exactly what kind of balls these pigs have cause they deffinatly got the mouth (and the retards!!!!) LETS SEE HOW YOU HANDLE THINGS WITH THE BIG BOYZ F**KERS!!!!
  3. parker


    ohhhhhhhh We hate cops but 'crooked' cops now thats more like it us smugglers love crooked cops but as long as you dont 'walk on our grass' you'll have no probs from us, just the occasional 1 or 2 keys thrown your way as a mark of respect. oh and we welcolm you to Vice City we hope to be making many dodgy deals with you in the future.
  4. yeah i was out of action last week had me GFX card go on me cause all kind of troubles managed to borrow one for the week so im all ready for action now so hopefully if all goes well tonight, keep your eye out for me in Vice cause if you blink you'll be dead!!!
  5. one more day me hearties arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  6. cheers EVIL ill check it out and ill keep looking.
  7. i fully intend to buy the games its the program i want why bother if i can get them to run on my pc its a waste of 130 quid console fee. and if you aint got nothing better to post dont F**kin bother you kind of people give this forum a bad name twatty bollox. Anyway any 'USEFULL' comments or help still appreciated
  8. cool thanx m8 nice one will be gettin alot of there tunes soon and keep the vids coming
  9. hi there just seeing if anyone out there knows of an X-box emulator for the PC that works im in desperate need of some beat um up action (mortal kombat deadly alliance and dead or alive) and i dont really go out and buy a console, Why? Pc's rule but it would be handy to have so if anyone knows of one please post or send us a message thanx
  10. hey there nice vid man and wicked tune whats it called? and who by? goes wicked with the vid cant wait to be drivin to that tune myself
  11. lol thats a first for my eye's hehe
  12. i like the idea of that one being a smuggler myself and you deffinatly wont take me alive copper!!!!!!!
  13. each screen i see just gets better i really cant wait now it gonna be soooooo cool
  14. yes corsair run darlin i have a Athlon XP3000+ 333Mhz FSB Barton 512kb L2 Cache with 2 X 512Mb 333Mhz DDR XMS2700 Corsair Memory and its a monster so DDR400 Will fly trus me
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