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Newbie's guide to making videos & screens


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I tried downlaoding the 2.0 demo off their website but when I try to video my videos they are messed up. There's a bunch of lines down the screen so I can't even see what's going on. If anyone else knows any other programs for capturing video.

I also tried downloading andyroososoft's replay program but I don't know how to view the saved replays. Any help is appreciated.

Also, if anyone can assist me on compressing video using VirtualDub and/or Windows Movie Maker. I am having trouble with those.

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first of all dude.... i didnt make that replay thing, and i dont really use it for my replays. if u read the readme file that's in the zip file u downloaded off of my site, ull find sum instructions :D

also, check the software section of my site again for sumthin to compress ur video! :D

glad to help - - - - - - - - Andyroososoft

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!UPDATE! Thanks to the wonderfull programming of NoZero, and the lovely hosting of Anyroososoft, there's a great new program to download for you, that makes using replays a whole lot easier. You won't have to switch between VC and Windows to save them, everytime you press F2 it saves it as a new file, and you can switch between them with F5/F6 (has a date & timestamp so you know when you made it)

Download it here! (only 19 KB!)

Replay handler link does not work :/

Anyone have it?

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