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  1. Looking at this old thread, I think it's about time for a wee update... Watch this space for an updated version...
  2. but alas it did not work... it seems not to go to the server i requested... What is the command line for direct IP connection then (What your ASE do to connect to MTA servers?)
  3. Ok, It's been a long time since i've posted on these forums and I doubt my suggestion would be looked at seriously after 53 other post, but hey, here it goes. I was just playing tonight and I thought of an idea to implement in MTA version 0.4. How about a command line variable to enable you to connect directly to a server by adding the IP address to the command line? I.E. "mtavc.exe 210.55.XXX.XXX" That way it's possible to make shortcuts to your favourite servers on your desktop (or whatever) without having to load ASE or having to type your favourite IP address in every time. Being a programmer myself I know that this is not hard to implement in any progrom you create and I also think it would make a nice little feature to add command line options to the game, just like most other multiplayer online games do. It would definitely take the hard work our of getting to your favourite servers quickly and I'm sure a lot of people will benefit from getting this into the next version... Frank "Ponch" Poncherello Bij uw dienst...
  4. Here's my 2 cents about the comp... If you want us to make a video using .3 I think it might be a good idea if you give us a design brief, Mr Bump... Tell us exactly what you NEED included in the video. What functions to you want to show? I would be easier to make a video if we know exactly what is wanted from the MTA team... It takes a LONG time to get shots that are worth using. I used 10 Gigs of raw footage to get 2 minutes of edited material. (and that took a month of playing to get the good bits I wanted) Knowing what you want would make it easier for us to be able to get those shots and organize people online to help out with it aswell. In short: - Give us a reasonable finish date (with reasonable I mean lot's of time so we can get the best shots and not end up with videos that are half assed and rushed, or thought of as a joke I need to work this video around my life, I'm a busy guy with little time on my hands...) - Give us a design brief stating what MTA are expecting the video to include I would also like to suggest that the MTA discuss the next release date for the next version of MTA (not for the public but for the team itself) so that a final date can be worked out where we don't get the same thing happen as last time where the new version came out at the same time as the comp finished, hence rendering our videos useless... As for the guidelines you gave us at the start I believe my video included pretty much everything there so if I was missing something please tell me what so I know what to add this time... If there is something special the MTA team are looking for in a video please tell us so that this can be included... Just a last note... With all these people making stunt videos, why are they not entering in this competition? If the competition is still going... I'M IN!!! Another idea would be to simply make it that if someone made a video to show off MTA let them send it to the MTA team and if they like if they just post it on the website. That way there will always be a forever changing list of MTA videos to download. If they're crap don't post them on the site... You might find that this way you'll get a better standard of videos being produced because there are no time or content limits imposed. It's like a good cheese - it takes time to make something that leaves a nice taste in the mouth...
  5. Make sure you are compressing the audio for your video too...
  6. So..... What's happening with this comp?
  7. Also check to make sure MTA is has the right version of VC selected. I has reinstalling MTA on my friends machine the other day and I forgot to set it. Stumped me for a while lol
  8. If you learn how to read you'll find that MTA is NOT 98 compatible. It says so on the MTA home page it says so in about 1000 forum threads and it says so in the MTA readme. NO WINDOWS 98!!!
  9. Here it is! http://www.thegamersalliance.com/videos/MTAVC_[PiG]_Ponch_Final.avi NB You'll have to copy and paste my link as it won't hyperlink because the forum is reading my gang tag ([PiG]) as a metatag and won't display the link properly... - Divx 5.1.1 - 6.2 MB Enjoy...
  10. It's all done! Too tired to upload it tonight, so I'll do it in the morning...
  11. KungFu summed it up in 282 words... Use the search.
  12. ADSL does 'dial' up. (using ' ' because it doesn't dial in the normal sense of the word, it will appear to do so if you have an internal modem by giving you a dial-up window, My external modem does everything for me so when I turn it on, it's on) Instead of dialing a phone number it opens the line at a particular frequency set by your ISP. It runs over the normal phone line at a higher frequency than normal. This higher frequency allows you to get more than the usual 56k out of your phoneline. But once you've 'dialed' up and connected then you shouldn't get disconnected as mentioned earier. This would most likely be an idle time put in place by your ISP or something. (but I doubt this, as it wouldn't make sense to having a connection only up sometimes to your machine when you're running a server or something. You'll probably find it's a bad cable somewhere...) So the 'dialing' up for ADSL is pretty much opening the line to your ISP, as you would make a phone call, and then checking your username and password. My explanation is pretty crap though, because I can't really be bothered explaining every last detail at the moment... Use google and I'm sure you'll find exactly how it works... As for the whole cable - DSL debate I found these articles on the web... http://misnt.indstate.edu/harper/Students/ADSL/ADSL.htm http://www.cottagesoft.com/adslcable.htm http://www.earthweb-connect.com/what_is_broadband.htm
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