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  1. How is he seeking attention. He's telling us that his VC disk is broken, so he won't be here for a while. That doesn't sound like attention seeking to me. You fail to see the point, you dont need to have a disk to be a member of the forum stunting community .
  2. *cough* attention seeking *cough*
  3. ? he means the grinds that never actually started with ground speed, ie - get speed.. turn.. then grind he just went on it got an angle then just grinded slowly
  4. smartass, i just don't approve the use of a glitch which makes u stay on ur bike. That's just personal tho, cuz no matter wut ur gonna land the full backflip even if u land upside down. That doesn't really require alot of skill in that case. and the others dont? > owned ?
  5. yep thats moan about 1 stunt/trick whatever! how cool.. LOL
  6. errm... confused.. where was the long grind? i saw a short slow 1 but errm..? 5/10 for the movie
  7. Nick - dont worry what other people think, the main thing is that you like it and imo thats the best thing that can come out of "your own stunt video". i thought it was good... who cares about the cheats/mods/handling tweaking,Although i dont use them, i thought it was a funny/exciting vid ^^ - 7/10 Peace out; Ratz
  8. wtf is the fuss over "the new shit" ? watched, think its bollocks.. spinning cameras and like 10-15 stunts in the whole movie ¬_¬ (ok some stunts were good.. but not that many =/) watch metus and vice_city_tribue and you'll see what i mean ;E
  9. your english is fine, and if you have just started then your a good. quick. learner
  11. well... i thought it was alright not the best, some bits were good.. and some bits were ... tbh, i was dancing to the music more ^^, but managed to watch it i give it 7/10, alot of effort, wd ^^ can release my vid when my laptop is repaired (4 weeks, OMFG?! FFS) /me is lost without his lappy tbh great vid andy dude, keep it up.. hope 2nd ones better :>
  12. im not bitching, and what i said is fiction turning into a fact, and you know it.. last time i watched SM video they had somewhat of 10+ members, you said you did your last vid with 2 members so whats the point of recruiting every "good stunter" to make somewhat of 20 members? we had a little arguement in the thread, you saying that "the stunt movie was done with 2 people, dont moan at me" or somthing go and recruit em but, im more right than i was before now.. lol owned
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