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Suggestion - Cash Match Mode.

Guest TroZ

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I suggest a Cash Match mode.

In Cash Match mode, all the players try to earn as much money as posible in a set amount of time or until someone reaches a set amount of money. Killing a player should cause him to drop 10% of his money for you to pick up. All the normal sngle player missions sould be available for earning money, as well as the normal earning money for casuing destruction.

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sounds like deathmatch :twisted:

but for what ist he money? :?:

I suggest that you can buy weapons for it (CounterGTA l :lol: )

also it is a problem when you try to kill someone and he runs away:!:

you have to make arenas from where you can't leave

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It could be fun..I guess... but I guess running and stuff is what makes it different from other games.. you can go almost anywhere :mrgreen: .. Maybe seeing eachother on the radar so you'll always now where they are, because otherwise you might never find eachother :cry:

Well the money idea in general is real good !! :o

But I agree we need to do something with the money like buying a nice gun :)

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personally i wouldnt mind if there were no health icons around, or they only added 25hp instead of the full 100. And bought ones would have to be really expensive.

Although i guess that when you die you would lose additional funds (besides what the doctors take from you) as part of the game, so not getting killed would be a large incentive =)

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The limit of cash to win could be set by the server, so that doesnt really matter.

Scoring? - you do the normal things in GTA3 to earn cash. Attracting cops should instantly raise your cash (does gta3 do that anyway?) as well.

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Good of me that I did a search on the money topic, coz I had the same idea :) (I am new to the boards, and to MTA)

If this mode came true, I'd never play anything else hehe

Just one addition:

I would like the host to be able to decide 2 things: How much money a player drops when he dies (as a punishment) and also how much he drops when another player kills him. (Preferably with a slider with 10% steps from 0 to 100). That would give the host the option to decide how much player killing that's encouraged in the game.

Keep up the work MTA guys!!!

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I think the idea of getting a certain amount of money instead of a set number of kills is a great idea. Obviously you get money when u kill peds, but the amount the other person looses 10% or whatever when they are killed should go to the person that kills him. This would be better than a set amount, although it would probably be harder to program. Maybe it could deduct different percentages for different ways you kill your opponent. For example: you kill them in a car you get 10%, and if you kill them in an abnormal way such as pushing their car under the car crusher you get 15% because of difficulty. If you kill your opponent on the street which weapon you kill them with should be tied to a percentage. For example 3% with a gun and 5% of there money in a fist fight since it is obviously harder without a weapon. I hope I have been clear in my description, but if not just let me know. This may be to hard to implement, but I am not sure. :P

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dont think crusher works unless you are out of car

as for %'s - that would be hard to calculate, as would showing it, 10% loss for kill + 5% for fists + 1`% 3 in a row bonus? - keep is simple =)

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