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  1. Perhaps they should find a beta tester who isn't running the standard Win2000 or XP. You know, like someone with Windows 98. *cough* me *cough*
  2. Yeah, I have Windows XP, but it's not compatible with my computer / video card combination, so I'm not going to pony up the price for a new PC just to play one mod. That's ridiculous, breakpoint. I just hope they hurry up with this fix.
  3. Sure it's compatible....? If you have good enough specs for GTA3, you have good enough specs for XP. All people that have Win98 and can play GTA3 should consider get XP. However, MTA _should_ support Win 98 anyway.. It has to do with my computer / video card combo. Trust me, I've tried many times.
  4. Kill him. Wait. Get your information first. Then kill him.
  5. I would upgrade but my computer doesn't work with XP.
  6. How it doesn't support Windows 98 SE at all!
  7. I'm pretty damn desparate. I wanted to play this game tonight, and I've had a copy of WinXP for months, but it's not compatible with my computer. I sure as hell don't want to wait until v0.4 for this fix, so I hope they can get something ready soon.
  8. Mark


    Go into File (may be Edit) > Options. Go to the last tab, which allows you to specify your games. Find MTA (mine was in the "Not Installed" category) and specify its location. It should be on your "Games" tab.
  9. I have the same exact problem (Win98), but I have no idea what Freeze said, haha.
  10. You better be prepared to be kicked from quite a few games.
  11. I noticed in the screenshot, the main character always seems to be the GTA3 "guy" and the others are characters such as the Cartel, Mafia, etc. So, can you pick your character or do you always show up as the "Guy" on your screen, but others see you differently? Anyone care to explain?
  12. Yeah, Rockstar really hate the mod community. They only expected people to throw some mp3s in a folder and make a simple, limitted bmp file for the skins and that would be the end of the modifications. They thought just because they closed up GTA's code, the modders wouldn't get to it. They were dead wrong.
  13. MY PANTS ARE TEH POOPED!!!!1 Actually, that was a fairly mediocre idea. Sounds a lot like Battlefield 1942's "Capture the Flag."
  14. Where is this counter you speak of?
  15. Riotman, can you imagine teams camping the drugs all over Liberty and totally screwing with games? Or going to the AmmuNation and buying pill-after-pill. It would be awful.
  16. It wouldn't have very much lasting appeal.
  17. I've been preaching an MMO GTA for years. It's too much for these guys to pull off, especially money-wise. That's what Rockstar's GTA: Crime Online will likely be.
  18. Not bad. It could be called "Marked Man."
  19. Er... if you post a pic (or an avatar) from an outside source, it would eat that outsider's bandwidth, not MTA's.
  20. So, the sniper rifle has no shake-effect, is dead accurate and can be an automatic kill? Um, I think I might want one of these.
  21. Yeah, that is a disadvantage. If it can't be coded to just remove the slow motion, (which is negative,) but keep the ability to jump higher and further, run faster and punch harder, then pills should be removed altogether. The slowdown can be used for some kind of game type where you have to "Kill the Turtle," or something.
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