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  1. The radio looping and temporary freeze only happen in servers with a lot of players. The only time I have won a race was when everyone else died and I won by default. Usually everyone speeds ahead of me at the start and I never catch up. I tested my connection and got 4662 kbps down and 359 kbps up.
  2. I have noticed that when starting a race some players seem blast off of the starting line while others accelerate slowly and get left in the dust. It seems like everyone should start out even since they are all in the same car type. Sometimes my game stops responding for a few seconds and the radio station goes into a loop. Eventually once everyone has sped off my game recovers and my car moves again. This issue has occurred in almost every race that I have played and I only have trouble with the games responsiveness if there are a lot of players. I have close all the background apps that I can and it still occurrs. I have also noticed other people mentioning this and accussing those that start out fast of cheating, although I don't think they are. Is this caused by the performance differences in each players PC? PC Specs: P4 - 2 Ghz 768MB RAM Radeon 9600XT Broadband
  3. Sorry about that Kent! I had no idea all that map editor documentation even existed. Also I have a map saved in which this bug occurrs and is perfectly repeateable. If you would like me to send it to you to find the problem I would be happy to. Thanks
  4. I just finished making a few maps with the editor and all I can say is WOW! Its an amazing piece of work. It would be nice if when you select an object from the elements list such as a checpoint for the editor to automatically focus on that object. This way if you are at the end of the race and want to get back to edit checkpoint 1 you can just select it from the elements list and you will automatically be taken to its coordinates on the map. An undo button would also prove very helpful. I also came across a bug while moving the order of the checkpoints around. After switching the order of a few I noticed that some of the checkpoints names in the elements list did not match with the text displayed on the checkpoint itself. For example I had checkpoint 13 selected from the elements window list, but for some reason the red arrow appeared above the checkpoint labeled checkpoint 14. Thanks for all the hard work guys!
  5. First of all I apologize if this has been mentioned before, but I didn't see any similar posts. Does the team have any plans to open a new website for the community to exchange their custom race maps? I expect that the mod will automatically transfer maps from the server during gameplay from comments made in the blog, but it would still be nice to have a place where maps could be submitted, downloaded, and rated. I expect something like this will pop up after the official release, but I was just wandering if the MTA Team themselves would implement this.
  6. I can see how this might get annoying if you have played the race sevral times. Maybe in the vote process there could be some option to request a preview. Also even if it were to play at the beging of every race it would only be like 30 seconds or so depending on the length of the route.
  7. I have an idea for the next release of the race mod that would be a really great feature to have. In Burnout 3 when you play crash mode there is a short clip before the round starts where the camera pans over your route to give you an idea of where you are going. I think this same method would work very well in MTA if each player got a quick runthrough clip of the route of the upcomming race so they have some idea of what to expect and where to go. What do you guys think of this?
  8. As someone else aked earlier, what is going on with MTA: VC? I know the team has stated they are focusing on San Andreas at the moment, but wasn't the blue core being developed with Vice City for like a year before San Andreas even came out? Thanks!
  9. Sometimes the weather can get kind of annoying. I like the fog and night changes, but they change too quickly and too often. I would like to see an iterface that allows the server admin to specify the weather to be sunny 65%, night 25%, and foggy 10% out of 100 minutes. This way users can easilly define how drastically this effect is put into use directly from the server options.
  10. With the current MTA you can also just have everyone start in one place and do a free race to a certain location. As long as you get there first you win no matter what way you went to get there. It would be nice to have both types of races, because you can take shortcuts with a free roam race. Maybe turismo will be back in .5 soon.
  11. I really like your spawn locations Ransom. The only other thing I would suggest is to maybe give the crusader or some character a spawn at the army base. There are already a couple vehicles there so it shouldn't effect the limited number of cars much. I disapprove of the character that can choose any weapon they want unless it is limited to the bloodring. Good work!
  12. sorry eAi it is there I just had to take a second look. Whoops
  13. eAi forwarding that port did solve the problem. This might be a good thing to add to the manual. One thing I still notice is that 75% of the servers are now scanned with the proper server information, but the last 25% still are listed as unscanned. Is everyone elses like this? Is there a way to fix it? Thanks!
  14. I have had this unscanned server problem since .5 came out and recently figured out what is going wrong. For me it was cause by a router setting. For Linksys routers type the router IP ( into internet explorer. Then after loging in look for a tab labeled DMZ Host. Then fill in the IP address that the router has assigned to the computer you want to use MTA on. If you don't know how to find this IP: in Windows XP open My Network Places then from the side bar select view network connections. Double click on the Local Area Connection and the internal IP is listed under the support tab. I hope this helps others with this problem get it working!
  15. I have experienced this same problem and I have never used a trainer. I find that it only happens when I play as vice city crusader. Possibly the extra body armor makes it seem you are cheating. I would like to thank the MTA team for the best release yet. I have played all night without one crash or problem!
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