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change map

*** Job_Cornelis died.

*** ..:TB:..Fiss respawned.

!say any other wishes?

-Admin- Kray-Z on IRC: any other wishes?

* ..:TB:..Fiss has quit the game (QUIT)

*** SiLenT_ToMo respawned.

*** tofnolimit respawned.

its to hard even for me

*** Job_Cornelis respawned.

*** Cjay respawned.

*** Cjay died.

* Chamillionare has joined the game

im not saying im the best


Current map: Hydrated

*** (Robert) died.

*** SiLenT_ToMo died.


*** Cjay respawned.

*** Chamillionare respawned.

its what it sounds like

*** (Robert) respawned.

so dont flame me

*** SiLenT_ToMo respawned.


-Admin- lol

*** Cjay died.


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$msg = mysql_num_rows($mySQL->query);

echo "

Total guesses: $msg


$sql = 'SELECT * FROM guesses where gdate < NOW();';


$msg = mysql_num_rows($mySQL->query);

echo "Passed dates: $msg


$sql = 'SELECT feat FROM guesses where feat != \'\';';


echo '

Feature guesses:


echo '';

$vary = true;

while($outs = mysql_fetch_array($mySQL->query)){

$class = ($vary = !$vary)? "class1" : "class2";

echo "




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