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  1. Hello! ServerHex offers MTA:SA servers for 0.15 GBP per slot (£0.15). The minimum slots you can buy is 15 and the servers are hosted in the USA. With your server you get a MySQL database, FTP and a control panel with many features (includes auto-restart, server zipping, process viewing and sub-users, so your admins can restart your server or view the logs without being able to see other parts of the control panel or use your account!). There is also a referral program which allows you to earn money towards your server. You get 30% worth of whoever you refer's first order into your account. http://www.serverhex.com/packages.php/10 Cheers
  2. Read rules!.. That is an illeagle d3d9 file. I meant the mta team put it in for mtasadm
  3. SamB

    Server name

    I think when you put the server name in the server config it should do something like this: server_host %s [blah blah] server_name My server it replaces %s with My Server. So when it displays server name it displays it as My Server [blah blah] Not really need but i would like it
  4. I think there should be an option to open MTA in windowed mode, but you still cant alt tab. So you can access msn and stuff but MTA is always on top, but atleast you can move it around.
  5. Fav: none.. Why?: havent tried others but i voted for windows anyway. idk about linux lol ppl say its all just text but i like my easy to use graphics
  6. ok well here is the code then u can convert it: <?php $mapxml = xml_parser_create(); xml_parse_into_struct($mapxml, file_get_contents($map), $vals, $index); for($i = 0; $i
  7. The script uses functions that arent in mirc I think..
  8. Thats too long I hope its just tomorrow lol
  9. im getting suggestions, lol. http://www.xendot.com/mta/map/respawn.p ... O_YOUR_MAP will simply echo whats inbetween and
  10. I did. the fact the forum theme was brought up made we want to comment on it
  11. yeah i prefered the blue theme aswell. grey and black and white is very depressing..
  12. SamB

    MTASA Map Parser

    thanks, accept ive just noticed it puts dots up for everything that has a position instead of just spawnpoints, lol
  13. SamB

    MTASA Map Parser

    Here is a little PHP script I made which creates a map with all the spawn positions in. Use like this: http://www.xendot.com/mta/map/?map=URL_TO_YOUR_MAP Here is an example: http://www.xendot.com/mta/map/?map=http ... /Speed.map Look in Los Santos, the spawns are there Have fun. I will add other stuff later, like object positions and pickup positions.
  14. The grey core . I thought mta blue was just a name though
  15. Since the mta site has changed from the blue theme to the grey theme, will the same happen with mtasadm?
  16. I like this idea Have the streaming client side, and have the server just send the IP and port of the stream. Also, have it as an extra radio station, so people can choose whether to listen or not.
  17. ok. btw how do i know what the output from the php is? EDIT: nvm i was jus reading thru the code i see what you done thx
  18. Why would I need to use $_GET when you put the variables in the path? register.php?name=..&pass=... Cant you just access the variables with $name and $pass ?
  19. I can scroll up and down but I cant scroll left to right and its very annoying because I cant read peoples posts properly. Its the same problem in firefox and internet explorer so please fix it
  20. Can you make a function that fills a PHP form via sockets, and then gets what it outputs? Because I could create some special PHP files with no theme, so mirc could also see if there where any errors @Tommis yes i downloaded that ftp script already.
  21. By today I guess you meant toady. ok if i cannot find one on the internet somewhere I will ask toady.
  22. ok, thanks . But how do I connect to ftp via mirc?
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