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take ur time plz.my parents said if i could be good for a whole month i could get gtav.c. for pc.ps.

be good for a whole month
cmon im 15 stop treating me like a babie :evil::twisted::x
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hey, im new here, i have tried MTA for gta3, yea, its laggy and i cant find players, well, heelloo!!

voice chat idea would be great!

get half life, there is a Voice Tweak tool and more thing about voice chat, it doesnt lag the game, well, im on 256kb, and i dont feel lag, it would be a great idea, ooh, dont forget anyways, we need in-game chat, and voice chat!!

hey, how about a TeamDeathmatch mod? i thought it was cause u chose mafia or diablos.

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Is there a release date set? It seem to vanish of the progress bar.

He was joking. 0.3.5 was discontinued, and has now become 0.4. In the "Linux" (that's what I call it anyway) numbering system, the third digit is for minor releases. Upgrading GTA3:MTA to the standard of MTA:VC 0.3 (and then some) is no mean feat, hence the jump from 0.3.5 to 0.4.

That's my understanding anyway.

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