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Iggy248, I hope you know its illegal to post your outwar link. Just to let you know they can close your account due to advertisement.

Great news btw. I'll stay tuned. :)

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First i want to thank u guys for finally making it able for us to play this superb game online.I was really suprised by how much u have already done and i just cant believe that its playable even with a regular dial up(56k)connection.Yeah its laggy and buggie in many areas but i had some fun with a few guys on a couple of servers.Played with one guy last night(evl i think) and actually didnt lag at all while being on foot(neither of us)but the racing chasing with the cars can get laggy many times.Anway u should concentrate on improving the netcode and fixing the bugs etc like many others already mentioned, before adding any new features(ingame chat etc) and all kinds of other goodies.Well Thx again for this awsome mod and Keep Up The Good Work Lad's! :D:wink:

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and Pedestrians :)

No no no no! Please make sure pedestrians are never in this mod, as it would pose immense problems.

well....i cant really see why peds is a prob :? ...

i maen, in gta1-2 there was perfectly synched peds...why should it not be possible in mta?? isnt it just some coordinates it sends to the other computers, to indentify wehre the peds are, and where the peds are going??

maybe not....i know shyte of network transferring....

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they dont have to sync every singel ped if they can find the value that randomizes the actions of the peds so only the server would generate a value that every ped would react with. Then they have to make sure that the local game takes the server value insted of the normal used one. vola the peds are synced now there is one problem everytime when a realplayer interacts with a ped the ped has to be synced if that is finished it works. Its an easy way to make sure that everywhere every ped is the same.

But if that way is possible i dont know ... it would caus not much traffic.

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yes, but you have to remember that all the peds WOULD have to be synced... Once a player rams a ped's car, then that ped's car would have to be synced, or if a ped's car is jacked, or if a ped is killed... etc.

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I think that they should just leave peds and traffic out if its gonna be to much of a bother. don't think people will really miss them to much if your busy tryin to kill other players or other teams.

yes but if im on lan, i would like to have traffic and cars in their normal place (like the banshee in its rightful place). doent really matter bout peds

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I like Me's idea of bein able to decide whether you want traffic and peds in or not. that way if you run a game online and you know that there are gonna be alot of people in, then you can just take them all out. I agree that with only 2 or 3 people playin it would be a little nice to have all that. but to I its just like having A1 on my steak. Its nice, but I really dont need it.

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