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  1. Hey ! we're not suposed to SPAM here !!!!
  2. what if u get in as a passenger in a cop's car ?what would happen ?
  3. thats just it ... i dont mean a real RP game as you have quests, and have to talk to X than to Y to do Z and such ... i just want to play a team game as cop vs robbers or just teams vs teams ... and not have an arse in my team that thinks its fun to TK everybody ... so ... i was saying that i was available to play such a teambased game if ppl would like to organize it ...
  4. well i am not particularly fond of races ... but i do race from time to time ... one advice though ... if there was a way to have the floating lights that show the way it would be most apreciated ... as sometimes ppl say they want to race but there are some that would like to race but dont know the way ... and it's kind of complex to tell them where the race is through an ingame chat ... just my 2 cents
  5. well we needed a current speed field too(for when in car)... a current skin (although this one could only be sent when u changed it ...), and as Robpol86 said current (xyz) position ... well im not seing what more do we need ? anybody ?
  6. count me in ... i want a RP game !
  7. yes objectives would be great ... like destroy X, or move Y from W to Q ... something like that
  8. friendly fire should always be on ! ... but maybe be a server option ... well i can live with that ... ps: i don't have friends that play mta either ... but when i join a server i talk to ppl and see if anybody want to cruise teamway
  9. i agree with a teamplay server, but friendly fire has to be on ... otherwise you would nade the region while the other guys on your team could be there with no problems ...
  10. I got a friend that doesn't give MTA a chance cause of the walking animations ... says it's too much like southpark ...
  11. Xucas

    HItching ride

    and perheaps a icon would apear over your head for a couple of seconds ... that would be cool !
  12. it would be indeed great if the weapons were fired by a passenger ... but i think the hunter doesn't have one ...
  13. gr8 trx !!!! that would rock !!!! edit: just a question btw ... what's up with all the braking ? would it sync any worse if the cars weren't always braking ? couldn't it be easily removed if it didn't ?
  14. well ... it's good healthy fun !
  15. besides i always felt that GTA3 needed more computer power than VICE CITY
  16. How about a RIOT game ? where one team would be the swat and the other one would be the rioting part only armed with a baseball bat and molotov cocktails ! the objective would be to destroy all the cars in the street (or something connected with destruction) and the swat would have the obvious task of stoping them , could be played as Team survivor or team deathmatch (with time, making it a mission game)
  17. no i mean skin bug... the one where they are on the same team(career) but have diferent skin (from a diferent team, career)...
  18. heck no ... in that case you were about to kill someone ... and they started typing until you got away ...
  19. I choose the fourth option ... I wish it was a team game ... but currently it's not ... i play team game, as i don't shot ppl with the same skin as mine ... but heck there are too many things to consider ... as the skin bugs, and the other players not wanting to play a team game ... but i do prefer team games ... as i dislike imensely FFA ... so i always try to find someone that wants to do a team thing ... if not ... i change server ... ps: i voted the 3rd one ... cause at least its neither yes nor no ...
  20. so for .3 there wont be netcode changes ? only gamemodes and skins ?
  21. frendly fire needs to be on ... otherwise it would be easy to gang up on someone ... like this you have to be carefull not to hit a team mate ... but i agree it's a shame about the skin issues and many ppl not playing in a team way
  22. this really is a shame ... as there are no team modes so far it would be really usefull to make some kind of team thing ... i joined a MMorph server and was shot at by other cops ... and kept seing guys that i already seen as a cop not a cop (ps i confronted him with that and he said he was still a cop) ... it's hard cause what i really like is team games, and like this MTA isn't there yet
  23. in mtavc 0.1 once that happened to me when i entered the blood ring ... i didnt see the arena but saw almost the same view + cars flying (in the ring)
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