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Found 10 results

  1. Anyone can send me a working yt mp3 converter API? Or how to create one, to play music from youtube on my server?
  2. Sziasztok, egy script nagyon kell nekem, valaki tudna segíteni hogy, hogy kell luac-ot átt konvertállni Lua-ba?
  3. bray023

    Gta map to MTA

    Hello guys! Anyone can convert this map for me? I can't convert maps, but I rlly wanna play on this map. Here is the map: https://mega.nz/#F!LKYF3QpJ!rbYPivr7mk6phj5Oq6h57Q Thnk you!
  4. Hello guys! I have a map in Gta, and I wanna play it in Mta, but I can't convert it..... Anyone can help me? There is the map: Usui: https://mega.nz/#F!eTZQxAaD!7NwLupsAK4m58T_puVQq5g
  5. Hello guys! I'm noob and I can't convert maps... So anybody can convert this map for me? Here is the map : Hakone Route 1 https://mega.nz/#F!TSBGkAba!Xz4cRj1eVYKYXjIA0f7FkQ Thank you!
  6. Hani2001

    Map Convert

    Please i need ipl2map converter and map2ipl converter Please Give Me Download URL because the old url down http://home.deds.nl/~aeron/maps/ipl2map.exe http://home.deds.nl/~aeron/maps/map2ipl.rar
  7. I want make a script, which plays sound from youtube.. But.. there is no one converter which would work.. How to use a converter as sound player? Anyone can help?? Sorry for my bad english..
  8. For example, when i have 1.000.000$ convert to: 1M$, or if i have 2.400.000$ convert to: 2.44M$. How to make this possible?
  9. I want to convert cleo mods to mta but I can find any download for cleo to lua, i make a cleo mod like actor spawner, since slothbot really sucks because im not good at script .lua for mta, after i use map editor to convert to single player for original san andreas after making my maps and have this useless mod bots will not spawn and nothing says anything on the top left. do anyone have a cleo converter to mta sa? i get bored for testing my maps for nothing, just dumb peds use for nothing. slothbot isn't suppose to be for only advanced users only, which i dont understand. this mod really sucks, and the premade too.
  10. I want convert Vice City map to my server, it is possible somehow?
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